Currently GOP Senator Grassley still blocking Irish and hi-tech immigration bill in US Senate

Overview of the Proposed Irish E-3 visa: would allow 10,500 Irish a year to come on two-year work visas that could then be renewed every two years. It is an amendment attached to a wider bill dealing with hi tech visas for Indians and Chinese as well as shortening waiting time restrictions on Hispanic groups. The wider bill passed the House on near unanimous terms.  “The second and more immediate development is the introduction of two bills that propose an Irish E3.

  • ·The first bill was proposed by Senators Schumer, Leahy and Durbin and under S3012 (china India highly skilled)
  • ·It was quickly followed by the Irish Immigration and Encouragement Act sponsored by Republican Senators Brown (MA) and Kirk (IL).

With wide Democratic support, The E-3 bill supporters are looking for 7-10 Republicans to sign, to give the bill a super majority of sixty votes.  That would then send the bill back to the House and then to a Senate House conference for discussion. Congress makes the following findings:CommentsClose Comments


(1) Immigration from the Republic of Ireland has been an important part of the history, identity, and culture of the United States.CommentsClose Comments


(2) Approximately 40,000,000 people in the United States identify themselves as Irish-Americans.CommentsClose Comments


(3) The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (Public Law 89-236) created significant barriers for legal Irish immigration to the United States.CommentsClose Comments


(4) The Republic of Ireland continues to be an important strategically and friend to the United States.CommentsClose Comments

Senator Martin Conway has shown his strong support for this progress: “This will come as an enormous relief to Irish people living in America and their families here at home. I am one of the few Irish politicians who travelled to Washington in March 2007 to the Rally on Capitol Hill organized by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR). More than 3,000 undocumented Irish travelled from all over the United States, braving the freezing temperatures to take part in the event. A previous Bill offered huge hope to these people, but unfortunately it didn’t come to pass……”  “……Many of the undocumented Irish live in daily fear of being deported. They have not been home to visit their loved ones in Ireland for years. They’ve missed out on many family occasions, even funerals. For their sake and the sake of their families, I hope that this latest attempt will succeed”, he added.

Under the current rules, the E-3 visa is a temporary work visa specifically for citizens of Australia with a job offer in a specialty occupation in the U.S. It allows family members to accompany the primary visa holder into the U.S. If applied for the Irish, individuals or married couples with a job offer already secured could live and work in the U.S. for two years.

1.similar to H-1B – specialty occupations

2.Spouse CAN work

3.Need job offer etc.

4.Can change status while inside the U.S. or apply at consulate

5.2 years (extensions granted indefinitely)

6.Extensions don’t count towards the cap

7.Spouse does not need to be national of Ireland

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