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Many of you are accustomed to our email/newsletters.  Some of you are seeing this for the first time. If you have no time to read our email/newsletter now, please print it out and read it later.

First, please see job requests below from our newest arrivals, and please do what you can to assist them in their job search. Even a referral would be a great help. Many thanks!


Please see section E at end of newsletter for information on ‘Opportunity Ireland’, a Trade Mission to Ireland next Summer led by the Irish Examiner USA (Founder Paddy McCarthy) and the James Joyce Foundation, USA (Founder Stanley Goldstein).

We are inviting representatives from all Irish and Irish American organizations to Kennedy’s Restaurant, (Paul Hurley’s newest venture, in all its former glory), this coming Thursday at 5:30pm where we will present our plan. Let’s help not only our newest arrivals find work in the U.S., but also help our own back home by bringing companies and employment to our home towns. 

327 W 57th St (Between Eighth and Ninth Avenues)
New York, NY 10019


2.  The Kerrymen’s Association, in connection with and sponsorship of the Celtic Motor Cycle Club of NY, The Ramapo Motorcycle Club, Prince Lumber, Pro Line Finishing Corp., The Heritage Bar & Restaurant, The Crooked Knife, The Irish Rogue, and the Riverdale Steakhouse, will be hosting a fundraiser @ the Kerry Hall, Sunday, Jan. 29th to help ease some of the enormous financial, physical and mental load off P&B & Celtic MCC members, P.J. Flavin, who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in July that took PJ’s right leg below the knee.

This story cuts two ways, as a mitzvah of sorts, as the good we muster in helping ‘one of our own’, in this case Mr. PJ Flavin, will hopefully appeal to many young Irish out there in our region, correctly identifying a great way to have a reliable help in time of need is by holding membership in their NY County organization. This point will be noted positively in our media coverage over the next few weeks. We will point out how our Counties have always rolled and will continue to do so, and only with the many newcomers arriving in NY reaching out to avail themselves of resources available to them, by taking out a County membership (like PJ has), they can help themselves and their families futures. Source: Cathy Hogan, Board Member, United Irish Counties Association of New York (www.uicany.org)

For more information, please contact us here at www.failte32.org. This is a great way for new arrivals to meet the very best in the Irish community in New York.

 We are sorry to hear that Katie Fox is moving on from her role as CIIC National Coordinator (www.ciic-usa.org).

She certainly inspired some great ideas during her tenure in this notable position, and we thank her for all her great support. See section A at end of newsletter for information on this job opening for those of you who are interested in applying.
Please see our news and events section on Failte 32 (
https://www.failte32.org/latest-news/). If you are searching for employment, it’s important that you attend as many of our affiliated organization’s events as possible. That way, you further your chances of getting in front of potential employers, and at least might end up with a good job referral. Always ask for a referral when attending these events. That’s the only question you need to ask. 

One of the events, Irish Movie Night at the New York Irish Center, Feature: The Crying Game, is a great way to network for jobs as the center is at the nexus of the Irish community in New York. The movie is showing on Friday Jan. 20th Doors Open 7.30pm. The sixth in our series of Irish Movie Nights. A Night of community and cinema. Discount Bar opens at 7.30pm Come to the beautiful waterfront community of Long Island City. Includes a Short by Nick Kelly, Shoe. Only 5 mins. on the 7 train from Grand Central Station. Book now, seating is limited. Tickets at

www.nyirish.org  The NY Irish Center is located at 10-40 Jackson Ave, LIC, Queens, NY 11101



The Doyle Academy of Irish Dancing, Oxford, England will be in New York City for St. Patrick’s Day.  They would love to perform while they are here.  They will be available on March 16th as well as March 17th until 6:00pm.  They will not be marching in the parade.

Restaurants, bars, schools or outdoor venues (weather permitting) are places where they would like to dance.  The group of 16 dancers is lead by Ann Marie (nee Doyle).  She has done spot dancing for the Chieftains in the past.  If anybody has any suggestions on how to get them get a booking while in NY, please let us know or contact Dan directly below.  They would like to do a benefit for the NYFD if possible.


Dan Hennessy, formerly of Kilmallock

Home:  212-262-4804

Cell:     646-241-3282



Not that we condone it, but the article ‘Dodge Immigration Law Via Offshore’ at end of this newsletter, section C, demonstrates the extent to which some companies might go to avoid immigration issues, and highlights some of the current issues surrounding visas.  


Were you working in the U.S. last year? Are you due a U.S. tax refund. Please see section B at end of newsletter – Tax Back Doc.


Some important resume tips for 2012. If you have a CV, please make sure you ‘Americanize’ it.


Following is example of some of the confusion out there, even among lawyers, relating to visas, and how Failte 32’s immigration attorney, Caro Kinsella, can solve them for you:

Q.  The company at which I’m interning has been going through a lot of changes recently, and they want to hire me and sponsor me for a H1B visa. Which is exactly what I wanted. However, the cap for H1Bs was reached in November so there are no new application accepted until April 2012, to start work in October 2012. Since my J1 expires in March 2012, I’m not sure what this will mean for me: if it would be possible for me to stay in the U.S. after March 2012 and if the company will still want to hire me if I had to go home for 6 months. I met with an Irish lawyer last week and it sounds like I’ll have to return to Ireland next March/ April.

A. There is no need to depart the U.S. If you timely file for another non-immigrant visa that will bridge the gap, between the time your current J-1 expires and October 1, 2012, earliest date you can commence working under an H-1B.


Caro Kinsella
Attorney & Counselor at Law
954-304-2243 Skype: caro.kinsellalaw

Below are some job requests (and always very polite we might add) that we received through Failte32.org. Please do what you can to assist our newest arrivals in their search for employment. Every little helps. Interesting to see below some early requests for Summer jobs via the Summer J-1 visa. Our message must be getting out there. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give these young and newest members of our community.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Ciara Lyons and I am currently a 4th Year Student of An Gaeilge
agus na Meáin Úra in the University of Limerick, Ireland. As an Irish
citizen with an American Green Card I was really hoping to gain some
valuable experience in the US when I finish in May preferably with Irish,
as someone with a keen interest in history I would be very grateful for an
opportunity to work in your company. I hope that as a young, enthusiastic,
outgoing person with a degree in Irish and media experience I could be a
valuable asset to your company. If this is not the case I would be very
grateful if you could let me know of any other positions this area. I have
enclosed my CV (section F below) for your convenience and I thank you for your time.
Is mise le meas,

Daniel Curran


[email protected]

Hi Failte 32,

I’m an Irish marketing masters graduate new to New York on the 12
month J1 Visa. I’ve been through your website and it looks like a
great resource. I want to throw myself right in the deep end and get
involved with the organisation and hopefully find myself some work in

I’d also like to place a little ad in the Irish examiner. I hear the
next issue is being released around the 3rd of January 2012, hopefully
you can advise me how I can progress this.

Also if there is any social events or sub-committee meetings that I’d
be eligible to attend I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,


Daniel Griffin
[email protected]

Hello, my name is daniel. In may 2012 myself and two of my friends
will travel to new york on a J1 summer visa. As you can imagine it
will be a very scary but exciting adventure for us, however I am
determined to somehow have some sort of accomodation or if I am lucky
enough employment arranged before I arrive, I know that in this
current economic climate it will be difficult, however I do believe
that with time and effort I will be able to get employment. We are
hoping to live in Yonkers, or queens or anywhere where employment is.
I hope that falite 32 will be able to provide me and my friends with
possible areas to live or advice on the best way to find accomodation
which will be affordable for summer residency, also I hope that you
may be able to provide information on how to gain jobs, or possible
employers who may be interested in employing me and friends. I have
left my email address, and I would be very grateful to hear from you.

yours sincerly
Daniel Griffin.

Alison White
[email protected]

Hi there, I’m Alison and am a first year student of National
University Ireland Galway. I’m looking for summer work for me and a
friend. Restaurant or bar or shop would be good. Can you give me any
insight or point me in the right direction.
Many thanks.

Please see Martin Harkin’s resume below, section D. Martin is looking for a position in Media/Journalism.















The Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC) is a national umbrella group for all of the Irish Immigration Centers in the US. It was established in 1996 to promote the welfare of Irish immigrants in the US at a national level.




The Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC) is seeking a Coordinator to administer the day-to-day operations of the Coalition consistent with our mission and values.




The Coordinator’s primary responsibilities are to act as the primary contact for the Coalition, help members share relevant information, coordinate annual and member meetings, and assist with marketing, strategic planning and fundraising as directed by the regionally diverse Board of Directors.


This administrative position is considered part-time @ 20 hours per week with some flexibility required based on work volume and coordination of events, board meetings and trainings.  Position location flexible within the US.Some travel within the US may be required.




Remuneration will be competitive relevant to the successful candidate’s experience and in keeping with current non-profit standards.  A full job description can be obtained by emailing [email protected]




Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] before 5pm PST/8pm EST on Friday, January 27th, 2012.  




Due to the anticipated high volume of applicants only qualified candidates will be contacted for interview.



Find out for free how big your US tax refund could be



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Got questions? You can contact us 24/7 by using any of the following:


  1. 1.     Live Chat – 24/7 (chat link): Instant application using our live online messenger service
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To find out more detailed information about US tax or taxback.com visit the taxback.com website today or check their facebook page to see what our customers say about us.



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Dodge Immigration Law Via Offshore ‘Googleplex of the Sea’

By Cynthia Hsu on January 4, 2012 5:59 AM |

Blueseed, a Silicon Valley startup, is raising funds to construct a floating incubator that they hope will become the “Googleplex of the Sea.”

Their plan is to purchase and renovate a large boat that they will anchor around 12 miles off the coast of San Francisco. There, tech workers can sleep, work, and dodge immigration visa issues.

Does this sound legally tenuous — or is it simply a clever approach to a common problem?

Immigration is certainly an issue that many in-house counsels grapple with on an everyday basis, especially those that operate in the tech industry.

H1-B visas for your employees may be critical for your company. After all, some of your company’s top talent may be coming from foreign countries.

Would shipping off some of your foreign workers to toil on a floating office really solve your immigration issues? It could.

At the same time, it can create new uncertainties. For one, your workers will be on a boat with no real way to get on shore unless they get another visa, such as a B-1 visa. In fact, the B-1 visa is a key part of Blueseed’s business strategy . Blueseed founder Max Marty pointed out that B-1 visas would allow workers to travel freely onto the U.S. mainland for business meetings and conferences.

There’s also the issue of coming ashore. It’s possible that workers might be turned away when they get on land depending on the immigration inspector, as immigration attorney Greg Siskind pointed out to Ars Technica.

Plus, try explaining to your company’s CEO that the solution to their problems related to getting immigration and H1-B visas for their employees is to simply ship them offshore. It might be a tough sell. But who knows, perhaps Blueseed’s idea is actually the wave of the future.



Martin Harkin

39-17, 60th St, Woodside, NY

Cell: 646 737 8231             e-mail: [email protected]



A highly motivated, adaptable, and responsible individual, having recently completed the MA Journalism course at University of Ulster, Coleraine, I am seeking a journalistic position that will utilise the skills and abilities I have developed, as well as one that can match my ambition.


I successfully combined my university life with work, sport and various other commitments, showing myself to be self-motivated, well organised and capable of working under pressure.


Relevant Experience

June ’11 – present: The Irish News

I am currently employed as a freelance journalist and sub-editor by The Irish News. The combination of writing my own articles while editing others has sharpened my attention to detail to the point that it is meticulous. I enjoy working alongside and learning from well respected journalists.


September ’10 – June ‘11: The Ulster Herald

In conjunction with my Masters degree, I composed and forwarded numerous articles to The Ulster Herald, which they deemed to be of a high enough standard to print in their weekly newspaper.


September ‘09 – February ’10: InsideIreland.ie

Four month journalism internship: I quickly impressed to such a degree that I was entrusted with control over the sports section of www.insideireland.ie, writing the vast majority of stories that featured as well as editing pieces from other writers. I also covered hard news and business stories in a fast-paced, real-time news environment.


January ’10 – Present: Suite101.com

Contributing writer: As a contributing writer for Suite101.com I post articles with as much variation as possible. My aim is to broaden my spectrum as a journalist and further develop my versatility.


January ‘09 – June ’10: Crescent Arts Centre

Part-time journalism course: This course provided a hands-on writing approach and analysed media styles. I learned to interpret and evaluate current stories and interviewing techniques, as well as adapting my writing style.



University of Ulster, Coleraine: MA Journalism

I have recently completed my studies, but am still waiting on final results. I have already achieved NCTJ qualifications in Media Law, Public Affairs, News Writing and Shorthand.


Queen’s University, Belfast: BA Hons English 2:1

Modules included: Milton and the Classical Tradition; The Poetry of W.B. Yeats; American Writing; Renaissance Literature; Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature; Shakespeare on Screen


Christian Brothers Grammar School, Omagh

A-Levels: English Literature – A, History – B, Government and Politics – B

GCSE: 10 passes including English, Maths, P.E. and Art grade A                   



I applied to the Journalism Diversity Fund to assist with the funding of my Masters degree. After progressing to the interview stages in London, they were sufficiently impressed with my abilities that they fully covered my fees, in addition to providing living expenses.



  • Research skills: Honed by interviews for stories and essay/dissertation research
  • Fast and proficient IT: Word, Access, Photoshop, Internet Explorer, email, HTML, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign and Audition, QuarkXPress
  • Communication Skills: Interview skills, expressing ideas with colleagues, critical opinions in essays and seminars
  • Self motivation/management: Completion of degree, plus various commitments, while working
  • Dependability: Quickly entrusted to work independently throughout my working life
  • Creativity: Researching and developing interesting stories independently



  • Journalism: My knowledge of the news and current affairs has always been thorough and up-to-date, through watching the news and reading a broad range of publications, both local and national
  • Literature: Continued to pursue this interest after my undergraduate degree through reading a diverse range of texts
  • Sport: I enjoy a partaking in a wide variety of sports, including football, tennis, basketball and golf
  • Travel: I aim to see as much of the world as I possibly can. I love exploring different cultures and evaluating how they compare to our own society
  • Music: I listen to many different genres of music and attend as many gigs as I can
  • Creative Writing: It is an ambition of mine to publish a book one day


Past Employment

November ‘08 – September ‘10:               The Eglantine Inn, Belfast

June ‘08 – September ’08:                           The Pavilion Restaurant, Toronto

September ’07 – May ’08:                            The Parlour Bar, Belfast

October ’06 – September ’07:                    Sally O’Brien’s, Omagh

March ’02 – October ’06:                              Homebase, Omagh


I feel my work experience has helped broaden and develop my character in multiple ways, including enhancing my ability to talk and adapt to all different kinds of people, something I found particularly helpful with regards to my interviewing abilities. I have displayed positive work ethic, commitment, and initiative in my jobs, resulting in further responsibility and trust placed on me.



I am happy to supply references on request.



                                      ‘Opportunity Ireland’ – Trade Mission to Ireland, Summer 2012


Brought to you by the Irish Examiner USA and the James Joyce Foundation, USA. This year is the year of the James Joyce symposium in Ireland, a great opportunity to bring tourism and business to Ireland.

The trade mission is a unique public-private partnership, and business /cultural experience, to showcase Ireland as a Global hub to companies with innovative technologies


We are reaching out to the Irish community in New York and further afield to support our mission of bringing U.S. and foreign companies to Ireland; and using Ireland as a stepping stone for US opportunities.

 Do you know an innovative U.S. company interested in expanding abroad? Tell us about them – we will do the rest.


Facebook recently claimed that there are only four degrees of separation between Facebook friends, not six as is the commonly held belief. Opportunity Ireland goes further by claiming that there are only two degrees of separation between you and the owner of a company.

If you know someone who owns an innovative company in the U.S., who would like to expand into new markets abroad, please invite them along with you to our launch event at the 21 Club in New York on February 28th (We will send an official invite letter to each company). 


Ireland is the ideal location for companies to export into European and international markets. Exports from Ireland reached record highs in 2010 during what has been termed the worst financial crisis since the depression, and exports mean jobs!



Our launch event will present our unique ideas that, if implemented, will make it easy for a foreign company, no matter what size, to set up an operation in Ireland:

– Our ‘packaging’ concept simplifies the set-up process and makes it easier for companies, across a range of sectors, to set up a European or Global presence in Ireland almost immediately, at a nominal cost/risk, and provides a firm foundation for companies to subsequently scale their business.  

– Our cross-border capital resource program will arrange for streamlined access to capital for the expansion needs of start-ups in Ireland.

Collectively, these solutions make the decision to set up an operation abroad, to target newer markets, a much easier one. 


Let us help put Ireland back on track to prosperity. We now need our people more than ever… 



Personal Information:

 Ciara Lyons                                                                         



Co. Waterford                                                        D.O.B: 21/06/1990


[email protected]       



St Declan’s Community College, Waterford

 Junior Certificate: Passed with all Honours

Leaving Certificate: 465 points

Subjects: Irish, English, Maths, Art, Social Science, History, French



I am currently in 4th year, studying Irish and New Media in the University of Limerick; where I am my class representative.

Work Experience:

Sept 06 – May 07: Centra Supermarket, Kilmeaden

July and August 08: Breen’s Lobster Bar and Restaurant in Castletownbere, Co. Cork 

November 08 – January 09: Shoe Zone, Parkway Shopping Centre in Limerick

May 09 – August 09:  In the Summer of 2009, I moved to London and started working in a catering company who soon moved me to work full time in The Coram Cáfe, Russels Square, London. There I was the only waitress and this meant I had a lot of responsibility including dealing with cash and locking up as well as serving drinks, food, cleaning and serving the customers. I was also kept as a part timer for the Inn or Out a very prestigious catering company where I waitressed at Wimbeldon and various high profile parties.

May 2011 – August 2011: As I love to travel I decided with 3 of my friends to move to Edinburgh and work there for the summer. I had two jobs one in Hector  Russel Kiltmakers where I expanded my retail experience and people skills learning all about the Scottish culture including a detailed knowledge of Scottish highland wear and also whiskey while providing tourist information on the city. As well as this I worked nights in an Irish bar.

·      I do part time work for an event management company where I decorate and design function rooms for parties and decorate the AOL broadband headquarters for national holidays.

·      I have had work experience in a Primary Gaelscoil (Irish language speaking school) for 3 weeks and a centre for Art and Dance for children, where I also did some secretarial work. I have organised Christmas Parties for the elderly of my parish the last 3 years in a row.


 Media and Irish Experience:

January 2010 – June 2010: I did 5 months work experience for my University course in Nemeton, an Irish language television production company. There I was a member of the Sports Department who are contracted by TG4 to cover a wide variety of sport including horse racing, snooker and soccer but mainly Gaelic games. During the week I worked mainly on research, but also did some editing, logging and voiceover work as well as four weeks as the company’s receptionist. At the weekend I travelled to the matches and worked as a floor manager which was very demanding and high pressure, but hugely enjoyable.

June 2010 – August 2010: For the rest of the summer I worked in Coláiste na Rinne in Waterford as a ceannaire. There I had many responsibilities the main thing being the safety of the children from in between class time, to mealtimes, to sport, the evening céilís (dances) and at night in the dormitories.



I completed an ECDL course, am a skilled typist and am very confident on a computer.

I have a full Drivers License.

I am proficient in French.

I am honest, hardworking, flexible and punctual.

Interests and Achievements:

I am an avid follower of sport; I am a member of the Outdoor Pursuits club in college and I regularly go to the gym and the swimming pool. I also take Hip Hop classes. I enjoy watching rugby and all forms of GAA. 

I am the proud owner of a Bronze Gaisce (The President’s Award) medal and because of that scheme I joined a drama society where I won a Munster Scór Medal.

I love to travel and have lived abroad in several places including the UK, France and Malta. I am a very bubbly, outgoing, fashionable, sociable person and I really enjoy going out and meeting new people.



·      Lydia, Head Chef, Coram Cáfe, Russels Sq, London (0044-2078413609)

·      Niamh Nic Giolla Chuda, Nemeton Léiritheoirí Teilifíse, An Rinn, Dungarven, Co. Waterford 058-46499                                                                                         

·         Seán Proverbs, Hector Russell Kiltmakers, 95 Princes St. Edinburgh, EH2 2ER
(0044)131 220 5899

·         Danny Roe, Finnegans Wake, 9B Victoria Street
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2HE
0131 225 9348





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