Following is a list of affiliated Failte32 organizations, with their website and other relevant contact information.

This Page lists relevant organizations under the following categories

Govt – Community – Arts – Immigration
Longer established Irish Organizations
Business Networking
Job Training

Irish Govt Community/Immigration Organizations

Consulate General of Ireland (affiliated)

The Consulate General of Ireland in New York provides assistance to Irish citizens in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia.

Emerald Isle Immigration Center (affiliated)

Committed to serving the needs of Irish immigrants in New York through immigration services (information, referrals to immigration lawyers), citizenship services (assistance with applications), employment services (job listings, placement, resume & job-search advice), computer training (beginner & intermediate, seniors), college information (seminars, guides), health awareness counseling and J1 student guide.

Aisling Irish Community Center (affiliated)

Established in 1996, the Aisling Center’s main principle is to assist Irish immigrants in their transition to life in the USA. We do this by offering a number of services including legal, social, psychological and educational. The Aisling Center is one of the largest Irish immigrant resource centers in the tri-state area.

CIIC (affiliated)

The Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC) is a national umbrella group for all of the Irish Immigration Centers in the US. The CIIC was established in 1996 to promote the welfare of Irish immigrants in the US at a national level. CIIC member organizations are located in California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Wisconsin. Check out our latest updates and find the Irish Center nearest to you or

New York Irish Center (affiliated)

The New York Irish Center, a non-profit organization, is truly an Irish place with a “céad míle fáilte” for the whole community. It is accessible from every borough of New York, and from every part of the tri-state area.

American Irish Historical Society

The Society, founded in 1897 to inform the world of the achievements of the Irish in America, is today a national center of scholarship and culture.

Intern Opportunities

Irish Arts Center (affiliated)

Located in New York City, Irish Arts Center serves as a dynamic platform for top emerging and established artists and cultural creators to reach a New York, national, and global audience, and as a gateway for other institutions to access first-rate Irish and Irish American culture.

Longer Established Irish Organizations

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Celebration Committee (affiliated)

The New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade workers and committee members are volunteers. Some members families have helped run the parade for several generations. We take great pride in this fact while encouraging others of Irish heritage and descent to join us in organizing and running the world’s largest parade.

Ancient Order of Hibernians NY County A.O.H. (affiliated)

The Ancient Order of Hibernians is an Irish American Fraternal Organization founded in New York City 4 May,1836. The Order can trace its roots back to a parent organization, of the same name, which has existed in Ireland for over 300 years.

[email protected]

Emerald Guild Society (affiliated)

The Emerald Guild Society, founded in 1992, is an association of Irish and Irish-American Building Managers brought together by our common heritage and our employment in the property management field.

United Irish Counties Association of New York, Inc. (affiliated)

An organization made up of groups from each county in Ireland and its website lists upcoming events for each county.

More Recent Business / Networking Organizations

IBO – The Irish Business Organization of New York (affiliated)

The Irish Business Organization of New York is dedicated to the furtherance of Irish and Irish American Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

IIBN – Irish International Business Network (affiliated)

IIBN is a ‘not for profit’ organization whose membership is made up of successful Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals throughout the world. The objective of IIBN is to facilitate greater communication between first, second and third generation Irish individuals for the purpose of identifying new business relationships and opportunities.

IN-NYC: Irish Network New York City (affiliated)

IN-NYC is the pre-eminent network that connects Irish and Irish-American professionals in New York City and beyond. It is a forum through which professionals from fields as diverse as finance and art, law and medicine, and technology and accounting, can connect through common bonds of heritage and identity with modern Ireland.

IN-USA Irish Network USA (affiliated)

IN-USA is the national umbrella organization integrating the INs that exist in various cities around the U.S., including Chicago, New York, Bay Area, San Diego and Washington D.C. It allows members of the networks to connect with their peers and to develop relationships that will foster success in their business, economic and social ventures.

ICCUSA: The Ireland Chamber of Commerce United States (not yet affiliated)

This thriving membership organization was founded in 1989 for the singular purpose of creating a networking conduit that would result in stronger Trans-Atlantic relationships.

Irish Business Network (not yet affiliated)

“The Chamber of Commerce for Irish Business Owners and Professionals” – Long Island, New York
An organization composed of Irish and Irish-American business owners and professional men and women who invest their time and money in a development program for the entire Irish-American community of Long Island.

Hospitality Related Organizations

United Restaurant and Tavern Owners Association (affiliated)

Representing over 1,000 Irish bars and taverns in New York CityPaul Hurley – [email protected]

Media Organizations

Irish Examiner Newspaper/Irish Connections Magazine (affiliated)

Irish Central

Irish Echo

Job Training

Grace Institute

As it has for over 100 years, Grace Institute provides tuition-free, practical job training in a supportive learning community for underserved New York area women of all ages and from many different backgrounds.

Irish Legal orientated Organizations

IABANY – The Irish American Bar Association of New York (affiliated)

Established in 1987, the IABANY is a professional organization dedicated to connecting, serving and celebrating New York’s legal professionals who are Irish born, of Irish heritage or simply interested in things Irish.
The IABANY offers a series of cultural, social and educational events throughout New York City.

The Brehon Law Society of Nassau County (not yet affiliated)

Modeled on the Brehon Law Society in the City of New York which was founded in 1978. The organization takes its name from the body of ancient Celtic law that defined and governed legal relationships on the island of Ireland.

Brehon Law Society

Alumni Organizations

New York Pan-Alumni Group (affiliated)

The All-Ireland US Pan-Alumni organization provides a forum of social, business-related and cultural events, through which alumni from Ireland’s third level institutions can professionally and socially connect and interact.

[email protected]

Dublin City University Alumni (not yet affiliated)

They provide an extensive network to help Alumni keep in touch with each other and other interest groups in their area. The groups organize frequent events and other networking opportunities.

National University of Ireland, Galway Alumni (not yet affiliated)

The mission of the NUI Galway Alumni Office is to create and maintain a vital connection with NUI Galway graduates.

University of Limerick Alumni (affiliated)

Established in 1987 by Graduates, the University of Limerick Alumni Association (ULAA) creates a link between you and your alma mater.

Trinity College Dublin (affiliated)

Trinity Alumni Relations and Development, administered from the offices of Trinity Foundation, is responsible for keeping all alumni (and friends) in touch with the College and each other through regular communications, events, regional branches and affinity groups.

Sporting Organizations with an Irish flavor

Rugby – Lansdowne Rugby Club (not yet affiliated)

Landsdowne always welcome new players whether novices or experienced. Based in Yonkers.

G.A.A. (affiliated)

The New York GAA, is one of the county boards of the GAA outside Ireland, and is responsible for Gaelic games in the New York metropolitan area. The county board is also responsible for the New York inter county teams.

Camogie (affiliated)

For more information on St. Patrick’s NYC you can email:[email protected]

Soccer Queens/NYC- Shamrocks Soccer Club (not yet affiliated)

For information you can check out their facebook page or call 718-784-9384.Bronx Women’s Irish Soccer League.Call 201-284-5237 for more information.

New York Celtic Supporters Club (not yet affiliated)

The largest Celtic supporters club in the tri-state

Shamrocks Motorcycle Club (not yet affiliated)

This is a non-profit motorcycle club and while not a club requirement most of the members claim and are proud of their Irish heritage.

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