How do you use Failte 32?

We are not a job agency but will do our best to help you get a job. We try to do what a job agency cannot. You have taken the first step by viewing our website.

Make sure you avail of all of our support services i.e. attend the events of our affiliated organizations; email us (using contact section) your classified ad (a few sentences about you and the job you are looking for) which we will place FREE of charge in local Irish American newspapers. Should you find a job in the meantime, please let us know so that we can update our records. Also, in the spirit of giving, we would ask that you ‘pass it on’ by letting us know who your new employer is, and maybe asking that employer to consider hiring other Failte 32 job seekers.

Visit the websites of all our affiliated organizations under the ‘affiliations’ tab, and make a note of their upcoming events. Some of these will also be listed under our ‘news/events’ section. It is important that you attend these events as that is how you are going to get in front of potential employers. These events serve both a social and business purpose so although your main purpose attending is to find employment, you will also have a great time out socializing. The events of our affiliated organizations will provide you with a constant stream of events to attend and hence keep you in front of as many potential employers as possible.

Remember Failte 32’s key words: ‘job network’ and ‘work smart’. In the US you have to develop your ‘job network’, and ‘work smart’ in the context of finding employment.

RendezVous353 is one of our strategic partners and a new social and business portal for the Irish at home and abroad, often referred to as the Irish Facebook. Use the RendezVous353 platform (under ‘Job Search Support’ tab) to search contacts, organizations and employers in New York and the USA. Please also visit the ‘Failte 32′ and ‘maurice landers’ minisites on RendezVous353 (forums and blogs) which contain prior Failte 32 newsletters, tips, some job announcements, contacts, and other relevant information pertinent to your job search.

Registration, which is free, is required in-order to access this mini-site (takes 30 secs to register).

We also provide additional support through our strategic partnerships. Please browse their websites (click on their company logo on ‘Strategic Partners’ page above) as you might benefit from their services. These partners were chosen on the basis that they are serious about supporting Failte 32, and are committed to assisting us in our efforts to connect those coming over from Ireland on work visas to employers here in the U.S. If any of our strategic partners have open positions, we will inform you through our periodic email/newsletter. If you do decide to contact one or more of our strategic partners for a job position, please make sure to mention that you are a member of Failte 32.

Don’t forget to sign up (click on ‘contact’ tab above) for our periodical email/newsletter!

For those of you who intend staying longer-term in the US or are planning on coming back to the U.S. and want to or have to (one year J1 visa) focus on finding jobs in your area of expertise, we recommend that you get actively involved on the sub-committees of our affiliated organizations, which will add structure to and leverage your job hunting efforts.

We will show you how to use these sub-committees to plug into professionals and potential employers in your field of expertise. Also, you have to give in order to receive. You can’t expect to just turn up to an event and be given a job, although this should be your goal. These are very tough economic times and you will have to be more actively engaged in order to give yourself every chance of success.

If you are a recent graduate, it might be useful to sign up for the IN NYC Mentorship program at [email protected]. Information about IN NYC and the program is available at this website address:

Likewise, you should join your alumni chapter here in NY.

The Irish Business Organization, Irish Network-NYC (IN-NYC), IN-USA, Irish International Business Network, and Irish American Bar Assoc. of NY are always looking for new sub-committee members to help with their activities, which will give you the opportunity to connect with senior professionals in law, finance, engineering etc.

The County Societies, Emerald Guild Association, St. Patrick’s day Parade Committee, and Ancient Order of Hibernians are organizations that have been around a long time, and have a predominantly senior membership profile. Members in these organizations work or have worked in both the public and private sectors, and collectively represent expertise in a cross-section of disciplines. Consider joining one of their sub-committees which might help you find employment in your field of expertise.

The Aisling Irish Community Center, Emerald Isle Immigration Center, and the New York Irish Center provide comprehensive full-time resources to the Irish community including job support services, and are well worth calling in to for guidance and information on the many organizations and activities in the Irish American community.

Remember, by engaging with Failte 32, we can help you to ‘work smart’ in the context of finding a job, and help you develop your ‘job network’.

Good luck!

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