From Failte 32 email/newsletter 01/08/11 – Benefits to U.S. Employers By Hiring J1 Visa Holders…..

We are asking all employers to please consider including one J1 visa holder position in your staff hiring goals for 2011. We are also asking those of you on this list who are not employers to make a conscious effort to get one employer to hire one J1 visa holder over the coming months. If everyone on this list does this, we could provide jobs for many of the Irish J1 visa holders in the NY region.

This could be a very profitable endeavor for those of you who are employers, as you will get first class talent from Ireland at very competitive salary levels (remember, a talented and educated Irish workforce in many cases is top of the list of reasons why U.S. companies decide to set up operations in Ireland…employers in the U.S. now have this same talent knocking on their doors).

Paddy McCarthy, Founder of the Irish Examiner USA (, Irish Connections Magazine ( and one of the Founders of Failte 32, has committed to hiring at least 4 J1 visa holders in 2011. He recognizes the great value these recent graduates can bring to his business, now celebrating it’s fifth year. Paddy has provided intern positions for the past three years through the Project Children Program of which he is a very strong supporter. Remember, salaries can be structured very competitively in a way that is economically viable for both you the employer and the visa holder (base, base plus commission, bonus, tax benefits, etc).

There are many benefits to hiring a J1 visa holder. Employers will not have to pay medicare (FICA), social security or Federal Unemployment tax (FUTA) taxes, as J1 visa holders are not eligible for these benefits. J1 visa holders are required to have health insurance set up before entry to the U.S., and have to pay Federal and State taxes, thus making a fair contribution to U.S. tax coffers.

Maybe your company has an eye towards doing business abroad at some stage in the future (exporting to Europe), and what an advantage it would be for your company if you have already hired talent from Ireland/Europe who can be a great resource for your company when they return home by promoting your company and linking you up with valuable business contacts in Ireland and further afield. Ireland is a country that provides an excellent business platform and environment from which to export into Europe.

Also, since the IWT J1 visas are issued for a period of a year, it offers employers flexibility in staffing, which is a very valuable HR strategy.

All companies need marketing, PR, e-commerce enhancement, business development etc. no matter what business you are in (particularly in this economic environment), so now is your opportunity to give back to Ireland by showing true support for it’s next generation. Lets give them the international experience they need to go back home and make a valuable contribution to their country, having made a valuable contribution here in the U.S.

Failte 32 will give all employers who hire J1 visa holders sincere mention on the website,, on our mailing list, and in the Irish Examiner USA (and Irish Connections magazine in certain cases).

As an additional service to J1 visa holders, Failte 32 is going to promote their CV’s/Resumes using the above sources, including this mailing list. This way you will be able to more closely match a potential candidate with an employer you might know is currently hiring.

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