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An article in yesterday’s New York Daily News (News Wire Services) titled “Immig Deal Caution” certainly lent credence to the viewpoint we expressed in our Failte 32 email/brief last week relating to comprehensive immigration reform, and when it will happen.
In its role as part Irish Lobbyist group, Failte 32 and its immigration attorney, Caro Kinsella, accurately preempted the appropriate position outlined yesterday by those leading the push for comprehensive immigration reform, of being cautious on when CIR will happen.
The same points/words we used in last week’s Failte 32 email/brief were used in yesterday’s NY Daily News article and other newspapers (Huffington Post, Boston Globe etc.), words such as ‘caution’, ‘premature’ and ‘optimism’, to describe the perspective we should have with regards to when, and the extent to which, CIR will happen.
The NY Daily News article begun “Even with one of the largest hurdles to an immigration overhaul overcome, optimistic lawmakers on Sunday cautioned they had not finished work on the wide-ranging bill.”
It continued “”Reports that the bipartisan group of eight senators have agreed on a legislative proposal are premature,” Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican who is among the so-called “Group of Eight” senators working on the bill, said in a statement Sunday”
People make plans based on what they hear and read. Therefore lobbyist groups such as ours have to be sensitive to this, and not develop unwarranted euphoria at this stage. If this euphoria mistakenly gives the impression that comprehensive immigration reform is imminent, people may act upon this and end up putting themselves in precarious situations.
If the above applies to you, remember to be cautiously optimistic and do not make any premature life changing decisions at this stage.
Caro will give a more in depth viewpoint on the current status of comprehensive immigration reform in her article later this week.
From time to time, we give a plug to worthy causes, the ‘underdogs’ and even new ventures that need some visibility.
We recently visited the Irish Coffee House at 533 9th Ave. between 39th and 40th St. in Manhattan. It is designed as a small Irish American diner (maybe the first!), but will be expanding to include a beer garden and space downstairs to accommodate parties, events etc. The menu is quite diverse and includes some traditional Irish dishes (Irish breakfast all day) that sound pretty good. A young man named Aidan is working hard managing the place seven days a week, and is particularly trying to develop week day business. So if you’re in the area, why not drop by for lunch during the week. Seniors, students and Government employees discount available with ID. Contact (212) 643-6526 [email protected]
From our good friend Michael Benn:
we could use some experienced irish carpenters in rockaway beach familiar with woodwork, framing etc.  on a salary basis  based on experience and qualifications please contact mike benn at [email protected]  work to start immediately  thanks mike
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