Shamrock Fund, Inc. Principles (general draft outline):

We intend to lobby Congress and other Governments for changes in the way many charities and non-profits are run today. Some of these changes will include:

   A significant reduction in salary levels charities can pay their officers (at most, low five figure salary, preferably zero),

  The immediate deployment of donations for the benefit of the needy (donations not allowed accumulate on the charity’s balance sheet/financial statements beyond a reasonable short period of time i.e. there should be a high turnover of donations). Charities not allowed to be structured like investment or private equity funds, and pay their officers on a fee basis.

  Mandatory requirement to source ‘barter’ donations, and that the level of these ‘barter’ donations at least equal donations received in cash (this is a more efficient way of deploying donations i.e. take as much cash receipt out of the donation process as possible).

  Emphasis on the creation of smaller charities, but more of them, by redirecting Govt. incentives towards the creation of smaller charities. We don’t need more ‘too big to fail’ organizations, particularly ones that are meant to be charitable. Let’s protect the last bastion of social responsibility and compassion in this great country, the charitable organization, from the for-profit mindset.

–   100% of donations given directly to those the charity is set up for i.e. no administrative, pay or other costs come out of donations.

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