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This issue’s article by our immigration Attorney, Caro Kinsella, is geared towards employers and their need to be I-9 compliant.


Remember employers, if you hire an IWT J-1 visa holder, you will not have to pay medicare (FICA), social security or Federal Unemployment tax (FUTA) taxes, as J1 visa holders are not eligible for these benefits. Also, J1 visa holders are required to have health insurance set up before entry to the U.S. so you will not be required to provide this.

Caro’s next article will make a comparison between the IWT J-1 visa and the H2B work visa.

It was interesting to hear back from a law graduate, who is considering emigrating to the U.S., that the H2B visa which Failte 32 is also promoting has given her new hope of being able to work legally in the U.S.

“you are the first to even mention H2B visa, and be positive about my
prospects. thank you for that, really needed it tonight, as has lost hope of getting to usa.”

For those of you on this email who are considering moving to the U.S, please make use of the contacts and organizations mentioned in this newsletter as they can help you in your search for employment by connecting you with your circle of influence here in the U.S. Please also read the ‘about and about’ section in the Irish Examiner USA which lists important contacts, events and organizations in NY that might help you connect with potential employers.


We have a lot of things to cover in this issue. Firstly, we would like to sincerely thank the following for the following potential job opportunities for Summer J-1 visa holders:

Garrett Doyle, President of the Kildare Association of New York, Vice President of the United Irish Counties Association of New York (www.uicany.org), and former President of the Emerald Guild Society (www.emeraldguild.org) who told Failte 32 that he will have numerous door man positions available for those coming out on Summer J-1 visas. Please contact Garrett at [email protected]

Greg McIntyre, General Manager of the Padded Wagon (www.paddedwagon.com) and Vice President of the Irish Business Organization (www.ibo-ny.com) who informed us that they usually hire Summer staff at their moving company. Please contact Greg at [email protected]

Tracey Monaghan from Stateside Solutions for the attached job opening. This is an excellent entry level position for someone on a longer-term work visa. Stateside is an Irish owned company with offices in New York. Stateside has extensive experience working with foreign companies scaling in the US marketplace. We offer a wide range of services including market entry, office set up, lead generation, contract sales and executive search. For more information on Stateside Solutions check out our website, www.statesidesolutions.com or call 212-470-6579.

Stateside is currently working with a number of expanding companies in the New York area and are pleased to announce the recruitment of a Contract Sales Representatives to work with a client company in New York.
Also, the Otesaga Resort Hotel, Cooperstown NY (www.otesaga.com) and TJ Maxx 808 Columbus Avenue (around 98th St.) New York (212) 222-0543 hire Summer J-1 visa holders during the Summer period.

We are asking those of you on this email list who worked in the U.S. last year on a Summer J-1 visa to please let us know who your employer was so that we can pass this information along to those coming out this year for the first time. This will be a great way for you to give back and help new arrivals avoid the arduous task of finding a job after they arrive in the U.S.

Paul Hurley, owner of O’Casey’s Restaurant and Irish Bar (www.pdohurleys.com), will again be very generously hosting weekly and monthly events for Summer J-1 visa holders at O’Casey’s this Summer. These are part of the service Failte 32 offers and are a great way for J-1 visa holders to network with each other and with the various Irish American organizations in NY which can assist them in their search for employment. We are looking for someone coming out on a J-1 visa to be involved in helping organize these events during the Summer, so if you know someone who would be interested, please have them contact us at [email protected].

Based on news media reports, Teachers in Ireland are having a difficult time finding employment. Failte 32 recently attended an informal meeting where a number of other New York based Irish American organizations gathered to explore ways where they could cooperate with each other and develop synergies. A representative from Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann who was present at the meeting, after hearing how Failte 32 helps those on work visas network and develop employment opportunities, outlined some of the challenges Comhaltas is facing including finding teachers in language/music/dance, and the prohibitive cost of sponsoring such teachers on work visas. The IWT one year J-1 visa seemed to represent a viable solution to overcoming this obstacle, and one which did not seem to have been previously considered. This is an example of how these types of diverse meetings can precipitate positive benefits for their respective members. If you know of a teacher (in Irish languages, culture etc.) back in Ireland interested in exploring employment opportunities in the U.S, please have them send an email to [email protected]

Keep in mind that the Irish Govt. agencies responsible for attracting international companies to Ireland and supporting the growth of indigenous Irish companies in global markets, the IDA and Enterprise Ireland respectively, have locations in the U.S. including New York. For those of you on longer-term work visas, it might be worth your while contacting the person at these agencies who’s responsibility it is to support client companies in your field of expertise, as they may be able to give you some job advice as it applies to the U.S. market. Both agencies have been very successful in their respective mandates on both sides of the Atlantic, and support a very impressive range of client companies.
All Irish Govt. agencies in New York (Irish Consulate, IDA, Tourism Ireland etc) are housed at Ireland House 345 Park Ave. The Irish Consulate has always been very welcoming to our new arrivals, so why not call in some day and introduce yourself and ask for their literature on upcoming events in New York. You can also get to meet and introduce yourself to our new Consul General in New York, Hon. Noel Kilkenny who since his arrival in NY has been tirelessly supporting the Irish community, by attending some of the numerous Irish American events (including those of Failte 32 affiliated organizations) throughout New York.


Failte 32 was recently talking to Crosscare Migrant Project (Ireland) who will be featuring us in their upcoming newsletter. Continuing the work of Emigrant Advice, Crosscare Migrant Project is an information and advocacy project working with intending and returning Irish emigrants and people immigrating to Ireland. Crosscare will be an excellent resource for Failte 32 and its members. Crosscare is unique in that it also supports those returning home, and is interested in receiving feedback on immigration to the U.S. For further information, please contact

Amy Tyndall
Information Officer
Crosscare Migrant Project
(formerly Emigrant Advice)
1 Cathedral Street
Dublin 1

t: +353 (0)1 873 2844
f: +353 (0)1 872 7003
e: [email protected]
w: www.migrantproject.ie | Facebook

Living in Ireland: www.livinginireland.ie | Facebook | Twitter


Job Fairs – Longer term visa holders:

Long Island Job Fair

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Melville Marriott – Long Island

1350 Old Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY 11747

Free Hotel Parking

Company List

Full company list will be available on May 12, 2011 . This event will showcase companies hiring in the following industries:

  • Accounting/Auditing
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
  • Banking
  • Consumer Products
  • Customer Service and Call Center
  • Finance/Economics
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate/Mortgage
  • Restaurant and Food Service
  • Retail/Wholesale
  • Sales
  • And many more…

Dept. of Labor

Time for our weekly update on next week’s job fairs. Get ready to put your best foot forward…if you’re in the Capital/North Country, Finger Lakes, Long Island, New York City, Southern Tier, or Western New York, there’s a Career Fair in your region this week.


Remember the Dept. of labor has excellent technology and resources that can help those of you on longer term work visas find employment. For more information, please click on Failte 32 article below.


Recent inquiries through Failte 32 (please also see attached resumes). If you know someone who might be hiring in these fields of expertise, please forward to them the attached resumes and/or communications below.


Donal O’Conghaile

I have just moved to New York on the 12 Month USA Work Programme so
I’m looking for a job related to my studies. I hold a degree in
Business Studies and French from Trinity College Dublin, which
included a year in Paris on Erasmus. My professional experience
includes working as a business development intern for IDA Ireland in
Paris and two summers working in Irish Nationwide Building Society in
Dublin. I am hard-working, organized, good at working under pressure
and meeting deadlines. I have good communication and interpersonal
skills and I have good computer skills also. I am looking for any kind
of role in banking, financial services, accounting and consulting
firms, marketing, business development. I would be very grateful for
any assistance you can offer me.
Kind regards,
Donal O’Conghaile


I have recently moved to New York on a working visa. I am seeking work in the area of publishing/new media. I have attached my resume but let me tell you a bit about myself.

I recently graduated with a BA in New Media and English from the University of Limerick. While studying for my degree I also worked with Quigley’s Bakery on a full-time/part-time basis. I began there immediately after finishing school and was promoted to supervisor within six months. I managed one of Quigley’s newer outlets in Nenagh and I also traveled around the country with Quigley’s to help to set up new shops and train in staff.

Part of my degree was to gain work experience in a professional environment and it was for this reason I was employed by Limerick Conference and Sports Park at the University of Limerick in 2008. There, I was employed as Conference Assistant/Junior Office Manager. The Conference business at UL is seasonal and I have worked there every summer since. There, I worked as support to the senior Conference Managers and as a Junior Office Manager. My duties included basic support for my colleagues, answering phones, drawing up spreadsheets, and calculating revenue, as well as my own responsibilities of managing small sporting groups and taking charge of the allocation of 2,400 on campus bedrooms each week. My greatest strengths which I demonstrated in this position would have to be my organizational skills and my attention to detail.

Elizabeth Gleeson [email protected]

To Mr. Landers, 

I furnish to you my Resume, for circulation at your discretion, if you would so oblige me, with my objective being to secure a job & USA work visa thereon, in any arena ie admin, law, mediation, business, marketing, PR, journalism, executive assistant, secretarial etc in NYC.
I attach herewith my Resume & some of my ”thoughts for the day”  from my large writing collection.
I am an Irish Lawyer/Solicitor & a Qualified New York State Attorney at Law. I hold a Law & Business Honors degree, ( B.B.L.S)  from UCD, Ireland, studying all law subjects, together with Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Logistics, consumer & organisational behavior, corporate finance, accounting etc. I am also an Accredited Mediator via Mediation Forum Ireland.
I am ready willing & able to relocate to New York , as soon as possible & am willing to undertake any kind of work, that supports a work visa.
I look forward to hearing from you, but in the interim, wish to thank you sincerely for taking the time to view my request herein. Any assistance & inquiries you can make on my behalf, is greatly appreciated by me.


Aoife Ni Longain
[email protected] / [email protected]
facebook – Aoiffe Maria Simone Langan
skype – ellalavelle

Irish Lawyer/ Solicitor – Law Society of Ireland
New York Bar Attorney exam – pass July 2010 sitting. MPRE exam pass March 2011 sitting.
Accredited Mediator – Mediation Forum Ireland
Honors Law & Business Graduate – B.B.L.S – UCD
Published Author/ writer – “Lamsol ”  Publisher – (

www.raiderpublishing.com)  – Lamsol available via : 

www.RaiderBookshop.com / poetry /lamsol ( 

www.amazon.com / books/lamsol or 

www.barnesandnoble.com /books/lamsol
Online Speech/ Personalied Poetry/ “Thoughts for the day” Writer – 



“I would be grateful for any help you can give re possible work for a J1 student, Kevin O’Riordan. Kevin is available from 1 June to Sept.”

(Please see attached resume. Although Kevin is here for the Summer, he would ideally be looking for a position in the teaching or library area)

“My friend’s daughter, Aisling, is an attorney at present working for a firm in NY State.  She is looking for a better paying job in NY State or City.  Would appreciate it if you would pass this on to any contacts you might have.  Thanks.”

If you know of any positions, please let us know at [email protected]


From: Adrian Garvey <[email protected]>

Sent: Thu, April 21, 2011 12:08:58 PM
Subject: Irish Graduate

Dear Mr. Landers,

Hello, my name is Adrian Garvey and I have just recently moved to New York from Ireland on the 12 month J1 working visa. I have been actively searching for work to no avail, and I recently met a contact by the name of Mel Deane in Citi Bank who told me to get in touch with you. I was hoping you could give me advice on how to improve my resume or maybe might know someone who is hiring at this time.

I studied Business Management in Cork Institute of Technology and graduated with my Bachelors in May last year. Please find attached my resume and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Garvey
(see resume attached)


We recently met with Sr. Lena Deevy, LSA, Executive Director of the Irish International Immigrant Center, here in New York (www.iicenter.org), and what a great lady she is. The Center is in the process of hiring a full time paid person to promote and support the J-1 visa program. Sr. Lena was very impressed with Failte 32, and recognizes how it can be a valuable resource by supporting their own efforts, which is understandable, as Failte 32 set precedent a year ago by proactively connecting work visa holders to the main Irish American organizations in NY in order to assist them in finding employment, and has developed a viable model consisting of affiliated organizations and strategic partners that we hope will continue to be emulated by others. We are looking forward to working more closely with Sr. Lena and benefiting from her great experience and insights in this area.


Please see our upcoming events in the Irish American community by visiting news/events section on www.failte32.org. Some of these events, such as the Aisling Irish Community Center’s Annual Sponsored 5K Walk/Fun Run, are great ways of meeting others (potential employers!) in the community while having a great day out.Why not go to a play! There are many great plays going on every week with an Irish or Irish American theme. There is normally a wine/cheese reception beforehand where you can meet with an intelligent and cultural cross section of people (potential employers!). George Heslin’s Origin Theater (www.origintheatre.org) is currently in rehearsal for their next production Ivan and The Dogs, an amazing play that only last week was nominated for an Olivier Award in London. The playwright Hattie Naylor chose Origin to present her fantastic play and like all of Origin’s productions, this is the first time the play will be seen in America. Congrats again George!

Those of you on longer-term work visas should also consider joining the Irish Chamber of Commerce in the US (www.iccusa.org) and the Ireland-US Council (www.irelanduscouncil.com). These organizations have as their members high profile business people and employers who might be only too willing to give you a helping hand. Although membership dues are on the higher side, it might be a worthwhile investment. New members I believe can normally attend the first meeting free of charge which will give you a chance to check out these organizations.

Kind regards
Failte 32 Committee

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