Failte 32 Concept

Failte 32 offers a unique concept to help new arrivals find employment, by connecting them to all the influential Irish organizations in New York in order to put them in front of potential employers. This helps bridge the gap between the existence of the many Irish networks in NYC, and awareness among new (or relatively new) arrivals in NY of their existence.

Currently, Failte 32 has a network of twenty three affiliated Irish organizations that remain committed to their support for the initiative.  Failte 32 is not a standalone organization per se, rather it facilitates a shared focus among a group of affiliated organizations and strategic partners to help our newest arrivals find employment in this great City and Country, and part of our purpose is to pass along to all our affiliated organizations information we pick up from our sources such as employer contacts, tips, and other information useful in one’s job search. Failte 32 does not have a hierarchy of officers as the initiative is as democratic and all-inclusive as possible, which gives its affiliates equal involvement and say in the initiative.

By engaging with Failte 32, you can connect with these organizations which represent your circle of influence in NYC, and by engaging with them by attending their events, you can expedite the time it will take you to get a job.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to arrive in NYC and have to try to find and connect with these organizations by yourself? We have made your task much easier by bringing all these organizations to one central location where you can connect with leaders not only in the Irish community but also in their respective careers. Collectively, representatives from these organizations have ‘been there, done that’ and can help you in your job hunting efforts, as their organizations have excellent resources and contacts which can at least set you in the right direction.

Failte 32 also leverages the Irish pub network in New York City to help new arrivals find jobs. Irish pubs have traditionally provided an informal network where immigrants can network for jobs, and generally pick up the latest community news and gossip. They are a very important part of our social fabric at home and abroad, and the first port of call for many Irish immigrants (after they have dropped their bags off at their Aunt’s house!) who have just arrived in the US.

Failte 32 tries to formalize this heretofore informal network through its relationship with bar and restaurant sources such as and, and by encouraging these organizations to provide it with up to date information on current job openings throughout the city (bar and non-bar jobs), and any other information that can help new arrivals in their job search.

Remember, by engaging with Failte 32 we can help you to ‘work smart’ in the context of finding a job, and help you develop your ‘job network’.

Good luck!


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