Hi everyone
We have a lot to get through in this issue.
First, a special welcome to our newest arrivals, Summer J-1 visa holders from Ireland. Welcome to the greatest country in the world (outside of Ireland of course!). You have taken a major step to broaden your horizons by being a student ambassador in the U.S. for your university/college, county and country. Those who have gone before you in this great country have paved a path of opportunity for you, so make sure you take advantage of it and connect with the Irish American community while you are here.
Sometimes one can feel a bit overwhelmed when first setting foot in a new land (think how St. Brendan felt when he first discovered America :D), but don’t worry, there is a whole community here behind you. You can easily plug into this community by following the Failte 32 model and our suggestions below. Once you plug into this community network, you will make valuable connections and friends for life which will enhance your life when you return home or if you ever decide to come back to the U.S.
Failte 32 was launched in 2010 by the then Irish Consul General in New York, Niall Burgess. Niall saw the tremendous benefit of having a virtual ‘port of call’ such as Failte 32 for newly arrived Irish, that would immediately connect them in a meaningful way to the Irish American community. He is certainly missed stateside for all his great support and outreach.
Each Summer, just before the arrival of Summer J-1’ers, we dedicate our May/June newsletter to highlighting the upcoming events of our affiliated organizations. These events are a great way to not only socialize and meet members of the Irish American community immediately after you arrive, but also are a very effective and proven way to network for jobs. Many members of these organizations are employers and decision makers in their respective organizations and industries. Additionally, our affiliated organizations are always well prepared to receive Summer J-1’ers so that they can kindly assist them in their job search efforts, and focus attention on them at their Summer events.

In addition to the events suggestions we make below, don’t forget to read the local Irish American newspapers such as the Irish Examiner USA (www.irishexaminerusa.com), the Irish Voice (www.irishcentral.com/IrishVoice/) and the Irish Echo (http://irishecho.com/), and listen to local Irish American radio shows such as:
– The Adrian Flannelly Show (below),
– and Ireland Calls Radio (Treasa Smyth’s 1460AM/WVOX.com 6pm Saturday).
All provide a full listing of activities, events etc. in the community that can be helpful in your job search.

Please see our new resume posting section – https://www.failte32.org/job-openings/resume-posts/ . If you would like us to post your resume, please forward it to us at [email protected].

In addition to Irish American events, we have included this year an upcoming event of one of our newest strategic partner’s, the Women’s Advancement Compact, founded and led by Deborah Goldstein, a very successful entrepreneur in New York (http://www.womensadvancementcompact.com). See event details below. Failte 32 was one of the ambassadors at its recent launch here in New York, and what an amazing launch it was – standing room only. We at Failte 32 feel that the WAC initiative is a very balanced approach (women AND men involved)  to understanding and finding solutions to women’s advancement issues in the workplace and beyond.

We were delighted to see in attendance the newly elected President of the Irish Network-NYC (www.irishnetwork-nyc.com), Louis Corrigan, who along with the IN-NYC membership was invited to the event. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a great relationship between both organizations.

A brief history: The Irish Network-NYC was developed from an initiative initially undertaken by the Consulate General of Ireland New York as a not-for profit Irish Networking organization. Eight people were originally chosen to lead its development (inc. one of the co-founders of Failte 32) and establish its charter, board of directors, 501(C) status etc. The Irish Network has since expanded into major cities such as Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Boston and many others through the Irish Network-USA, an Irish Network umbrella organization originally spearheaded by Aoife Butler, a New York patent attorney, who established an excellent IN-USA website and database.
The Irish Network-NYC was the brain child of another great former Irish Consul General in New York, Tim O’Connor, and supported and mentored in the beginning by former Vice Consul David Healy, and Deputy Consul General Austin Gormley. All have now moved on to even greater things around the globe in their quest for world domination :D. Although many great Irish organizations and networks, and networkers, have been around well before the IN-NYC, it certainly filled an important niche for the younger demographic, and informally connected them to, among other things, Irish Govt. business and social/community activities and resources in New York. 
Another well established business organization in New York is the Irish Business Organization (www.ibo-ny.com). It’s President by landslide victory for a second term is Sheila Lynott, who has and is doing an amazing job at growing and branding the organization. She and her great team have provided tremendous support to Failte 32 and Summer J-1 visa holders each year.
We always recommend that you get in contact with the three main Irish Government funded support centers in New York; the Aisling Irish Community Center (www.aislingcenter.org); the Emerald Isle Immigration Center (www.eiic.org); and the New York Irish Center (www.newyorkirishcenter.org). They can provide other great support services that Failte 32 is not funded to provide. Please also visit the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers for information on J-1 Summer Students Safety and Preparedness Manual: http://ciic-usa.org/

Your County Society in New York is a very important job networking resource. Each County in Ireland has its alter ego stateside, as represented by its corresponding County Society in New York. Members of these societies have been in New York a long time, and know lots of people in the community, including employers. Cathy Hogan is the current President of the United Irish Counties Association of New York, which is the umbrella organization of all County Societies in NY, and can direct you to your respective County Society. Email Cathy at unitedirishcounties@gmail.com.  Additionally , The United Irish Counties Association of NY 75th Annual Feis will be held on Sunday, June 9th, at Saunders Trades & Technical High School located at 183 Palmer Road, Yonkers, N.Y. 10701. For details www.uicany.org. The Feis can be a great way to meet the heart of the Irish American community in New York who may even be able to help you find work.

Two organizations/businesses we have to mention that have provided tremendous support for Summer J-1 visa holders over the years are the Emerald Guild (www.emeraldguild.org) and the Padded Wagon (www.paddedwagon.com), through Garrett Doyle ([email protected]) and Greg McIntyre ([email protected]respectively. The Emerald Guild has a number of Summer positions to fill each year as doormen in residential buildings in NY, and the Padded Wagon tends to hire extra movers during the Summer months.

Ireland House houses all the Irish Government agencies in New York including the IDA, Enterprise Ireland, Tourism Ireland, the Irish Consulate etc. It’s important for you to be familiar with its location and activities, particularly if you decide to return on a longer term basis to the U.S. Shortly after Failte 32 first launched back in 2010, an informal meeting was held at the Irish Consulate for Summer and longer-term J-1 visa holders, which was presided over by Failte 32 and the former Irish Consul General Niall Burgess. Attendees found the meeting to be very beneficial as it gave them an important reference point in New York, and an understanding of the great Irish Govt. support activities stateside. Attendees were also given a tour of the various agencies within the building.

The Consulate General of Ireland New York, currently under the leadership of Consul General Noel Kilkenny, invites you to request to be added to their list of upcoming business and cultural events in New York.  http://www.consulateofirelandnewyork.org/home/index.aspx?id=40066   mar[email protected]
Job Announcement:

From Failte 32’s immigration attorney:

I’m looking for an intern to work full time in our law office here in Florida.
Fluency in Spanish is required, and those with past law practice experience a plus.  As part of their remuneration package
we will file their immigration visa for them.
Please send a cover letter, resume & writing sample to:[email protected]


Extract from resume of Thomas Deegan below:


For full resume, https://www.failte32.org/job-openings/resume-posts/

Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business UCD

MSc in Supply Chain Management

2011 – 2012

• Have recently completed my MSc. in Supply Chain Management at the prestigious Smurfit Business School, University College, Dublin, Ireland. This is one of fewer than 50 schools worldwide to enjoy triple accreditation from the United States of America, Europe and the United Kingdom accrediting bodies. Modules covered included: Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Operations, Global Logistics, Supply Chain Planning & Control, Managing the Negotiation Process, Project Management, Cross-cultural Management and Supply Chain Consultancy Project with Keelings Group.

• My Master’s project saw me carry out a full situation analysis of purchasing strategy within a worldwide group (Keelings) that employs over 1,700 people. The recommendations I made for new procurement models within the group were favourably received by Keelings Board of Management and are now being implemented.

My name is Simon Deignan, I am a 20 year old student at Trinity College here in Dublin.
I am coming to New York this summer as part of the J1 Visa program. I arrive on the 27th of May and leave on the 27th of August.

I have worked in a few different types of jobs in recent years ranging from delivering solid fuels to working in a pub as a bar back.
My most recent place of employment was a pub in Dublin city center just off Grafton street.

In all my previous employments I have become adept at working with customers on a one to one basis and dealing with customer queries, problems, complaints etc.
All of the details about my previous work are detailed below in my resume.

I am open to working in a field of employmentthat I have not worked in previously. I am quick to adapt to new things and enjoy developing new skills. I am a diligent hardworking student and I don’t take my employment lightly, I understand that by employing me people are entrusting a certain amount of faith in me that I will do the job assigned to the best of my ability and I like to repay that faith by doing the work to my full capabilities.

My e-mail is [email protected] if you have any queries about myself, please feel free to contact me at any time and I will respond as soon as possible. Also I have relatives who currently reside in New York and if you wish I can send you their contact details if you wish to learn more about me from someone other than myself.

Simon Deignan

My Name is Orla Mc Weeney, I am a 25year old Social Care worker from County Leitrim in the west of Ireland. I am currently looking into relocating and working in USA.


I studied a Bachelors of Arts (honours) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care in Athlone Institute of Technology. This was a four year intense course focusing on areas such as Developmental Psychology, Personal Development and Communication, Disability; Model and Practices and Inclusion, Counselling skills, Sociology and Applied Practise, Child Law and Liability for Social Care Professionals, Contemporary Social Policy, Community Development and Social inclusion, Applied Psychology in Social Care and Youth Substance Use and Misuse, to mention just a few.  This degree also required me to partake in Field Practicum (two different placements for a 10 week period each). One of which I done with Childhood Days for Children with Learning Disabilities- an out of school service providing care and facilities for children with learning disabilities. The other field practicum was with Harmony Youth Project which focused on children from disadvantaged areas, members of the Irish Travelling Community, Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Harmony Youth project provides a pre-school and after school service for such children. From this I received an Honours degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care.

Through my placement in Childhood days I was delight to receive and job offer for the summer months and weekends while completing my studies. I obtained valuable experience in the field disability working with children with intellectual disabilities, challenging behaviour, severe autism as well as physical and mental disabilities.

I am currently a Social Care Worker with a highly recognized and well established company in North County Dublin. I currently work in a residential center for adults with a wide variety of disabilities. I Advocate on their behalf, assist them with their daily needs, lifetime goals and ambitions as well as prompting social inclusion and independence.

I have visited my extended family in New Yoke a number of times and appreciate the wonderful lifestyle and opportunities that exist there. I have a great desire to experience working life in the United States and would appreciate advice and guidance on how to connect with companies who are willing to sponsor individuals like myself.

I have been in contact with Caro Kinsella regarding the Visa end of things, and was referred to you for your assistance with employment.


Please find attached a copy of my curriculum vitae.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Orla Mc Weeney



Feedback from a former Failte 32 member:
In relation to number one, myself and my friends, are a prime example, thanks to yourself and failte 32 and all its affiliates, in getting employment in New York through the Irish-American business community in NY.
I remember vividly an evening downtown manhattan in south street seaport in JP’s Harbour Lights Restaurant and bar. The night of immense connections and people we met thanks to Failte 32 and the IBO was immense.
I even got a comment made to me by a known figure in the irish-american theatre business- ” jesus how are ya, I was about to think ye were making up your own networking group?”
It pays to “business network” through Failte 32 my fellow J1’ers! Myself and my two mates pounded the pavements of upper, lower, midtown and downtown manhattan for jobs but at the end Failte 32 held us steel.
Kindest Regards,

Daniel Holian,


Accommodation option:

Due to popular demand, we have decided to break down our rates a bit more, so that any arriving J-1 students interested to just have a landing pad for a week or two until they sort out some other options can do so. So far we have students booked in from Belfast and Dublin and a group booking expected in from students at Sligo Institute of Technology. So, would you be able to include this in your next Failte32 update? I attach the updated PDF. Just for your reference, the relevant changes are…
2. Two week rates
If you only need a place for 2 weeks, maybe until you get settled over here and find other accommodation, we can offer you:
– Single room = $1,077 for 2 weeks (equivalent to $76 per night)
– Double room = $696 for 2 weeks per person (share with another student/guest) (equivalent to $49 per night)
3. Daily rates
Just need a place for a few nights?
– $99 / night per person in a single room.
– $72 / night per person in a double room. (share with another student/guest)
By the way, the accommodation is not only limited to students. Friends, family, visitors, tourists, colleagues, business people etc, all welcome to contact us and make an enquiry.
As and when we provide offers to students, we will be providing instant updates on Twitter. I’d encourage all ‘soon-to-arrive-in-New-York’ J-1 students who use Twitter to find and follow us on there: www.twitter.com/Internship_USA

Tom Griffin, B.B.S.
Internship USA LLC

349 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016
United States of America
Like us on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/InternshipUSA
Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/Internship_USA
One of the signature events of the Summer, Origin Theatre’s Spring Benefit, is well worth attending. George Heslin founded the very successful Origin Theatre and 1st Irish festival to provide Irish artists with a platform in the USA to showcase their work. It’s the best success story to come out of the Irish American community in years, and testament to what the Irish can achieve in this great country. George is certainly paving the pathway of opportunity for many Irish, so make sure you add this great event to your calendar.
Origin Theatre Company
Artistic Director George C. Heslin
top mutual
2012 Origin

click here to purchase tickets

Donate Now
click here to donate today

Board of Directors

Enrico Ciotti, Cassie S Farrelly (Chair), Tina Santi Flaherty, Brendan Gilmartin, Janice Gormley, George C Heslin, Kate Kennon, Gregory Moore, Sean Noonan, Aisling Reidy and Antonia Reilly

Advisory Board

Eva Brune, Robert Dunn, Sharon Fogarty,Sheenagh Gillen,John Lyons, Colette Morris and Aisling Ryan

George C Heslin
Artistic Director
Origin Theatre Company
Follow Origin Theatre
Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our videos on YouTube
A Night Of Comedy & Music
to support the New York Irish Center

Colin Quinn

MC: Eddie Brill

Thursday June 6th
Symphony Space
Broadway at 95th, NYC – Doors Open 6:30pm
Sponsorship Opportunities

High King Sponsor: $5,000
Platinum Advertising and 10 Premium Seats

(Please provide the address to mail your tickets.)

Chieftain Sponsor: $3,000
Gold Advertising and 6 Premium Seats

(Please provide the address to mail your tickets.)

Druid Sponsor: $500
Silver Advertising

Red Branch Knight Sponsor: $300
Green Advertising

Fianna Sponsor: $100
White Advertising

Your businesses’ support for the New York Irish Center will be displayed prominently on the big screen at Symphony Space throughout the evening.

Please submit all artwork by 5/24 to:


(300dpi resolution)

Call 718-482-0909 M-F 10am – 4pm


718-482-0909 – 1040 JACKSON AVE, QUEENS


Welcome to Summer J-1 Visa Holders from Nevada Smith’s

 Nevada Smith’s

100 Third Avenue

between 12th &13th Streets

New York, N.Y. 10003

 ‘Where Football is Religion’

Score! Nevada Smith’s Has Reopened After Eighteen Months

Nevada Smith's 1.0Nevada Smith’s

Photo: Younga Park

After going M.I.A. to make way for incoming luxury condos way back in November of 2011, Nevada Smith’s is back in action as of 2 p.m. today. The “‘football’ mecca” now occupies four floors in its new home on 100 Third Avenue, which includes two full bars, a swanky-sounding VIP room, a separate wine bar, and a lot of other stuff you might not expect to find in a self-professed soccer bar. The Local East Village takes an in-depth look at owner Patrick (Paddy) McCarthy’s quest for lager and flat-screens. What time is the game on?          Source: Grub Street NY



Events & News
View this email in your browser

American Irish Historical Society

991 Fifth Avenue

Don’t forget, space is limited for each event! Make sure to RSVP
to some of our great….

May & June Events! 
RSVP instructions are listed below each event.
Cuan Mhuire
Harbor of Mary
May 19, 2013
Cuan Mhuire was founded by Sr. Consilio Fitzgerald. It is Ireland’s largest multi-site provider of residential detoxification and treatment for those suffering from addictions. Sr. Consilio is well known throughout the country for her work with those afflicted with addictions. She has developed several residential help centers throughout Ireland where those in need can receive treatment in a compassionate and supportive environment.

During Sr. Consilio’s visit to the United States, Michael O’Sullivan and William J. Burke will hold a mass and reception in support of Cuan Mhuire at the Society.

For further information please call 718-884-1496 or 917-445-8452.

June 19
7:00PM – 8:00PM

About Augustus Saint Gaudens

Walking past the Society on Fifth Avenue, or walking into the lobby, one can’t help but notice a marble bust of a man, looking out toward the street. He is Charles O’Conor, and the man who created his portrait was Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907), America’s premier sculptor of the Gilded Age. Society members are invited to come June 19, 2013 from 7-8 pm to learn more about Saint-Gaudens, a Dublin-born artist who was also one of the founders of the American Irish Historical Society. Known for his Civil War monuments of Admiral Farragut in Madison Park and General Sherman in the Grand Army Plaza, Saint-Gaudens also sculpted the Parnell Monument on O ‘Connell Street in Dublin. Rick Kendall, Superintendent, and Henry J. Duffy, Curator of the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site will be joined by noted American sculptor Lawrence J. Nowlan to introduce this great Irish-American sculptor.

ADMISSION: FREE & OPEN to the Public with Reservations
Reservations for this event are required for all attendees, please e-mail [email protected] or call 212-288-2263

June 20
6:30 PM 

Salmon Poetry Reading

Salmon Poetry takes its name from the Salmon of Knowledge in Celtic mythology and was established in 1981 as an alternative voice in Irish literature. The Salmon, a journal of poetry and prose was a flagship for writers in the west of Ireland, and Salmon’s first books, Gonella by Eva Bourke and Goddess on the Mervue Bus by Rita Ann Higgins broke new ground for women poets. Since then over 300 volumes of poetry have been produced, and Salmon has become one of the most important publishers in the Irish literary world. By specializing in the promotion of new poets, particularly women poets, Salmon has enriched Irish literary publishing. Join us for a launch of Salmon poet Estha Weiner’s new book, IN THE WEATHER OF THE WORLD, and a celebration of Salmon Poetry with three other Salmon poets, Patricia Brody, Phil Fried, and Bertha Rogers.

ADMISSION: Members: Free | Non-Members: $10.00 Admission Fee
Reservations for this event are required for all attendees, please e-mail [email protected] or call 212-288-2263

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American Irish Historical Society

991 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY10028

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New York Irish Center Presents
for One Night Only

Guggenheim Grotto
in Concert
Guggenheim Grotto Walking PhotoGuggenheim Grotto Walking Photo
Direct from Ireland and now
based right here in New York City
we are delighted to be able to welcome
back to the New York Irish Center
one of Ireland’s finest folk-pop
singer/songwriter duos.

Besides being swell guys, all around
Kevin May and Mick Lynch will
leave musical hooks firmly implanted
in your skull, that will not be shifted.

Friday, June 14
Doors Open 7.30pm
for Cocktail Hour;
Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Soda, Popcorn
Discount Bar
Showtime 8.30pm
For Advance Tickets
via Paypal or Credit Card
(you do not need a Paypal account
to purchase tickets)

Regular $25

New York Irish Center
10-40 Jackson Ave, LIC, Queens, NY 11101
718 482 0909 www.nyirish.org

Last stop on the 7 before Grand Central
at Vernon Blvd./Jackson Ave.
Lots of local parking after 7pm



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Guests for The Adrian Flannelly Show – Saturday May 18 2013

09:00am-10:00am: WNYE 91.5fm HD –tri-state and livestreaming at www.irishradio.com

Senator Chuck Schumer announces that his Irish Visa program will be included in the US Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Bill. This will allow 10,500 Irish Immigrants per year to come to the US legally!

Jimmy Deenihan, TDMinister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht: launches Century Ireland, an online historical newspaper, which charts events from the time of the Home Rule debate to the Civil War from 1912-1923, in partnership with RTÉ and Boston College

10:00am-12:00noon: WVNJ 1160AM-tri-state and livestreaming at www.irishradio.com

Kevin Cullen, Pulitzer prize-winning Journalist with Boston Globe discusses his controversial syndicated column: “O’Malley’s reasoning on Boston College graduation boycott is flawed”. Cardinal Sean O’Malley is boycotting Irish PM Enda Kenny’s commencement speech to 4,000 students at BC on Monday.

Sean Pender, NJ AOH President and AOH National Chair of Freedom for All Ireland, is one of the organizers of a public symposium taking place at Cooper Union, NYC on Thursday May 23rd to reflect on The 15th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland. George Mitchell, Former US senator and special envoy to N. Ireland is the keynote speaker.

Please click on our Sponsors’ websites

tourism-ireland-125x40.png quinnipiac-125x40.png mutual-america-125x40.png gathering-125x40.png
hungermemorial2-125x40.png blarney-125x40.png c-i-e-tours-125x40.png odb125x40.png
dearie-sponsor-125x40.png irish-rep-125x40.png concernusa-125x40.png gossip-125x40.png

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To Be Announced:


We will keep you updated on upcoming Summer networking events of the organizations below, as they are announced.

IABANY News & Announcements








IN-NYC logoIrish Network event





25th Anniversary logoThe Irish Repertory Theatre

132 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Extended through May 26th

THE WEIR May 15th- July 7th

25th Anniversary Gala June 10th





Driven to support the health, well-being and
success potential of NYC corporate professionals

Wine Tasting: It’s All In The Nose!   June 26th

Have you ever noticed that when reviewers write about wine, they spend much time waxing poetic about the aromas detected on the nose? Well, depending on who you speak with, taste is 80 – 90% smell!

Partake in an interactive and energizing exercise to focus your attention on the aromas of wine. Once you identify certain everyday smells, picking the aroma up on a wine is a subconscious effort.

Enjoy foods, paired to enhance the sampled wines as a ‘second course’ to the evening. Share your palate preferences with others- before and after food is introduced to the equation.

After this evening, you will never approach wine in the same way.

6:00 P.M. Meet and greet
6:15 P.M. Program Commences

Women’s Advancement Compact community members and Failte 32 members $75, guests $99




Irish American Society

297 Willis Avenue

Mineola, New York 11501

(516) 746-9392


Society Ceili

Saturday 25 May

8 pm

Music by Pride of Moyvane Ceili Band

Cash bar, complimentary tea, coffee & Irish scones

$20 per person


Society Dance

Saturday 1 June


Music by Mary G. and the Shamrocks

Old time waltz competition

Cash bar, complimentary tea, coffee & Irish scones

$20 per person


Society Ceili

Saturday 15 June


Music by Pete Kelly and the Premier Ceili Band

Cash bar, complimentary tea, coffee & Irish scones

$20 per person


“Miss Irish American Society”

 Saturday 29 June


Emcee – Mr. Tony Jackson

Music by Billy Hickey Band

$20 per person

Contestant requirements

18 to 25 years

Irish or Irish Descent

$25 Entry Fee








Good Friday Agreement

15th Anniversary Symposium


Thursday, May 23, 2013

6:00pm to 9:00pm


Cooper Union Great Hall

The Foundation Building

7 East 7th Street

 (between 3rd and 4th Avenues)

New York, NY 10003


The Good Friday Agreement ranks among the most significant peace accords in history. This May will mark the 15th anniversary of this historic peace effort. The event will reflect on the importance of this agreement and the impact that it has had in the ongoing peace process.


This symposium event features a keynote speech by Senator George Mitchell

who was one of the key players in creating this landmark agreement.

Senator Mitchell chaired the Irish peace talks and was perhaps

the one individual most responsible for their ultimate success.


A second part of the evening will include an expert panel discussion

with members of Congress and other leaders

who have supported the peace process.


This event is sponsored by the AOH, Brehon Law Societies,

IAUC, numerous Irish organizations

& the Cooper Union Office of Continuing Education


Please make every effort to attend.

Admission is free, but seating is limited to 900.

Tickets will be issued for seat reservations.


For tickets:


or call (516) 398-2471


For more further information, please contact:


Sean Pender

NJ AOH President & AOH National FFAI Chair

 (609) 462-7056

[email protected]


Dan Dennehy


[email protected]


Celtic Charity Inc and AOH Div 7


The Celtic Cruise


Music, Dancing, Great Food and Fun

Aboard The Spirit of New York


to Benefit

Emerald Isle Immigration Center


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Featuring live music by:

Celtic Cross

The Cunningham Brothers

The Shay Mac Band


Full Open Bar – Hot and Cold Buffet Dinner – Dessert


General Admission: $100 in advance/$110 at dock

Purchase tickets on-line at celticcharity.com/tickets.html


Board at Chelsea Piers, Pier 62

West 23rd Street and 12th Avenue

Board 6:00pm / Sail 6:45pm

Return 10:00pm / Party till 10:30pm


Amazing Raffle Prizes:

1st  – Two R/T Tickets to Ireland

w 7 Nights B&B-Car Rental

2nd – Weekend for Two in Manhattan

Hotel-Restaurants-Broadway Show

3rd – Dine around Manhattan


For information:

Call (212) 717-9955 or visit www.celticcharity.com




MAY 30, 2013


NEW DRAMATISTS welcomes you to

readings of all three plays in one special evening.




Liz Diamond, Kevin Kittle and Louisa Proske
Cast(s) include:
Clodagh Bowyer, Fiana Toibin, Aidan Redmond, Stephanie Dodd, Cynthia Mace, Sam Underwood and Barbara Hammond
424 West 44th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
RSVP to one, two or all three plays: (212)757-6960 or email [email protected]
Refreshments and live music between 7:30 – 8pm
from the mouth of Dublin’s Liffey to the inland peaks of Corsica —
from the dark interior of Eva’s mind to the great roar of the universe.
Thanks to the staff and interns of New Dramatists, The Creativity Fund, The Edward F. Albee Foundation, The Helen Merrill Award Committee, The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Le Centre Culturel Irlandais, Shakespeare and Company, Fallen Angel Theatre Company, The Dramatists Guild and the generosity of the directors, actors and audiences who have supported this three-year-long endeavor.
For more information, contact [email protected]

Join IN-NYC’s Gaelic Football Team –              the “Manhattan Gaels”!

After more than 50 years IN-NYC is bringing Gaelic football back toManhattan! We are creating a team, the “Manhattan Gaels”, to enter this year’s New York GAA Championship and we are looking for players interested in joining the team.
We are currently confirming a practice location in Manhattan. The season starts in May and games will be played in the famous GaelicPark in the Bronx.  As soon as we confirm the panel, additional details will be provided.  Please pass on this invite to anyone you think may be interested, whether or not they are a current IN-NYC member. Anyone with a love of the game is welcome to join!
If you would like to join the panel please email John Murphy at [email protected] and Maurice Barron at [email protected].    Source: IN-NYC Newsletter




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Great Irish Video’s

With the Leaving Cert upon us, check out a mothers advice gone viral !

Irish Mother Angry About Her Son

Kodaline – High Hopes



While the Irish will return to Ireland for ‘The Gathering’ … continued emigration means that other Irish are still ‘gathering’ to leave.  So when will there be a slow down of the exodus of the generation emigration?
At the Cock’n’Bull pub in the heart of Bondi, Irish tricolours were flying and the Guinness was flowing. A fiddler belted out a Celtic tune to revellers soaking up the atmosphere. Such was the happy crush that it seemed a substantial proportion of the tens of thousands of Irish people who have come to Australia to find work in the past year had found their way to the bar.
The Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration has just published a newWelcome to Canada guide, intended as an “official handbook to assist immigrants in preparing to come to Canada and to help them navigate their way during their first months”.
new information booklet has been published to assist Irish emigrants planning a move to Western Australia.The 38-page guide, prepared by the Claddagh Association of Western Australia, contains information on everything potential migrants need to know, from registering with the Department of Foreign Affairs and purchasing travel insurance before leaving Ireland, to finding a job or a place to live on arrival, paying tax, negotiating Perth transport or accessing healthcare.
FOR MORE THAN 150 years, Britain has been the go-to choice for many Irish emigrants escaping the country. Some 19,000 Irish people emigrated to the UK last year, while an estimated 6 million people in Britain are believed to be third-generation Irish. The Irish Studies Centre at the London Metropolitan University has been looking after an archive documenting the history of the Irish in Britain, spanning from the late nineteenth century to the present day, since 1991.
Unemployed Irish workers could be enticed to move to South Australia with low interest home loans under radical new proposals drawn up by a property lobby group.The Property Council’s South Australian branch want to target workers in European countries ‘ravaged by economic turmoil’ and have Irish people in their sights.#
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Update on Immigration reform and the IRE Irish Immigration Bill:
As part lobbyist for immigration reform, Failte 32 is happy to see consensus among another, and perhaps other immigration reform groups here in the U.S.  on the issue of stemming the future flow of undocumented Irish entering the U.S., through a visa provision included within the newly proposed comprehensive immigration reform bill.
Failte 32 made a similar suggestion back in early 2011 in an article titled ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform…a Comprehensive Solution is Required” (https://www.failte32.org/about-failte-32/useful-articles/emailnewsletter-employment-options-under-different-work-visa-programs-can-vary-considerably/). 
In this article, we said “Failte 32 understands the importance of comprehensive immigration reform, particularly for those who are currently undocumented, but it also wants to make sure that the number of undocumented coming from Ireland (which keeps feeding the problem) lessens significantly over the coming years by focusing attention on tackling the problem at the very earliest stage i.e before our people emigrate. Therefore, the ‘undocumented’ problem has to be dealt with in a ‘comprehensive’ way by everyone working together on both sides of the Atlantic.”          
It’s imperative that this provision is included in the final bill. Even Failte 32’s proposed IRE Irish immigration bill has similarities with this provision, and information/details about the IRE Irish Immigration bill were requested back in 2012 by some members of the board of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC) so that they may be able to assist in spreading the word about the bill and its purpose. We are delighted that Aileen Dibra, National Coordinator Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers is looking forward to our continued work togetherwww.ciic-usa.org
See most recent feedback from those who have signed our IRE Irish Immigration Bill petition. Our petition list includes both those signing online via www.change.org  and in writing at job expos etc., and cumulatively, more than 2000 people have already signed up. 


Reasons for signing

  • jude coyle  DUBLIN, IRELAND
    • 11 days ago


    because i was illegal for most of the 1980s

  • Emmett Scott  DONEGAL, IRELAND
    • 14 days ago


    No work in Ireland and need to get out of this county that has to much taxing on the everyday man.

  • Miriam Carley  HOLYCROSS, IRELAND
    • about 1 month ago


    In Ireland it is extremely limited with little opportunities for skilled workers who have spent so much educating themselves and want to excel in their chosen careers. People just need to be given a chance.


  • Paget McCormack  VANCOUVER, CANADA
    • about 1 month ago


    I’m an Industrial Designer and San Francisco is the Mecca of Industrial Design.

  • Louisa Hickey  BERKELEY, CA
    • about 1 month ago


    I would love to stay in California and continue working in the US.




Update below on comprehensive immigration reform, and recent newsletter, from Failte 32’s immigration attorney, Caro Kinsella:

Washington D.C. – Today, on a bipartisan vote of 13 to 5, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to pass Senate Bill 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, out of the committe and on to the Senate floor for a full vote in the coming days. The Senate committee mark-up spanned three weeks and covered many of the 300 amendments offered on every aspect of the bill. The resulting legislation represents a concerted effort to find a workable and fair immigration policy that makes our nation stronger.




The following is a statement by Benjamin Johnson, Executive Director of the American Immigration Council: 
“We congratulate Senator Leahy and the entire Senate Judiciary Committee on the spirit of deliberation, collaboration, and transparency that marked the process. Many amendments added during the mark-up will strengthen the bill in the areas of high-skilled immigration, protections for vulnerable groups and due process. However, other amendments, like those attempting to deny citizenship, may have been driven more by rhetoric than reality. In addition, not providing some relief to siblings who face extreme hardships because of their separation and not ending the discrimination against same sex couples legally married in the United States is short-sighted and bad policy. Yet despite these high costs, the overall bill coming out of committee now gives the Senate an important and rare opportunity to complete the task we have been working on for years—passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill that finally moves us to our goal of fixing our broken immigration system.


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2013 DV Lottery:

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The 2013 Diversity Visa Lottery results are now in! Congratulations to this years’ winners! If you didn’t file your application though our office than you can find out if you were winner byclicking here. If you won and want to get more information about actually getting your green card then contact our office, we will guide you through the next steps.


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For those who didn’t win this year’s lottery, don’t give up! 

Next year’s lottery is right around the corner- someone has to win- it might as well be you!  





Out with the old, in with the new. 
    New rules for the I-94 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) started implementing the automated version of Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, at air and sea ports of entry. Implementation will continue across the nation through May 21, to include all air and sea ports of entry that support international arrivals.  When you enter the States you will be able to access your electronic form I-94 by visiting: www.cbp.gov/I94.  USCIS will accept the electronic form I-94 in paper format, as proof of your lawful inspection and admission into the States.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (CIR) 
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