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Re. the IRE Immigration Bill, since our last email update,we have gone from 357 signatures to 478….almost at the 500 mark! There seems tobe a lot of demand for this type of practical interim visa solution, which ifpassed, will be a win win for the U.S. and Ireland. Please help us spread theword by becoming one of our promoters http://www.change.org/guides/promote-your-petition.

Our immigration attorney, Caro Kinsella, has been very busypromoting the bill. Please read her very interesting and informative interviewwith thejournal.ie       http://jrnl.ie/527425    Extract from article: “Currentlythe bill is in its final stages of planning. Our proposal provides aid for bothskilled and unskilled workers. With US elections upcoming, now more than everis the perfect time to put this initiative forward. The new bill if passedwould provide 20,000 visas annually exclusively to Irish people, allowing Irishnationals to lawfully work and live in the US.”


Read below another interesting article in the New York DailyNews recently relating to H-1B visas that will give hope to some of our newarrivals. Extract from article: “Local companies looking to hireforeigners last year included Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and TataConsultancy Services.”



Please find attached job description for a positionavailable in Accounts and Admin for a busy Construction Management business inYonkers, NY. Sincere thanks to Eamonn Gunn for very kindly referring this jobto us.


Failte 32 inquiries:

We always ask the community to try to help our newestarrivals from Ireland in their search for employment and accommodations. Asalways, we thank you for your kind support.


To: Webmaster

From: Jimmy Harrington [email protected]

Message: To whom it may concern, I have joint U.S. / Irish citizenship with 20 years experience working for blue chip banks, software companies and start-up companies both in New York and Dublin. I obtained my B.Sc. at St John’s University in January 1991, my MSc – eCommerce at the Smurfit School ( UCD) in 2000. I have recently received a post graduate in Digital Marketing from Dublin City University, Ireland.s first University accredited qualification in this hot area. I have extensive sales, business development, digital marketing working for myself, entrepreneurial start-ups and blue chip firms.

I will be in the USA on holidays from August 29 thruSeptember 9. I would welcome meeting folks to discuss quality employment opportunities. Unfortunately the job situation is very bad in Ireland.

Thanks for your help and assistance here. My big pluses are – NYC experience for Bankers Trust( now Deutsche Bank), Checkfree ( now Fiserv), track record in the U.S. albeit 7 years ago, U.S. citizen and strong software / technology sales, relationship management, digital marketing experience.

I can be reached at +353862800572 and my U.S. cell will be operational from August 29th onwards.

Best regards,

Jimmy Harrington


To: Webmaster

From: Emma [email protected]

Message: Hi, I am still living in Ireland but was interested in coming to New York for work. I was wondering if you help Irish citizens before they arrive in America?

Kind regards, Emma


Below is feedback why people are signing the IREImmigrationBill petition.

Why People Are Signing

Josepg Brogan III

15 days ago

We need more Irish in the US.


elaine walsh

20 days ago

The Irish have the skills we need. We do not need tocontinue denying them admittance. As we should not have to discriminate againstimmigrants….


Edward McGinley

23 days ago

Not only is Ireland in need of a legal path to emigrate butthe United States needs the Irish.



10 days ago

good Irish men and women will make great Americans, contributorsto the values that made the United States the land of liberty and opportunity,unique in the history of mankind


Helena Holmes

7 days ago

I have been un-employed for 3 years & send between 30-70job applications a week to no avail. At 38, I am a highly skilled &experienced worker but to no avail. I have been trying to get into the USA formany years and I believe that this bill when passed will solve a great manyproblems for many families.


Samuel leonard Diaz

10 days ago

I’m very hard worker Asian Irish, after 12 years servicesjobless due to worst economic crisis and facing a very uncertain future with 4person; can’t get job as my experience as well as abroad due to over 35 of age.we needed opportunity to live and work legally in the United States bothskilled and unskilled


Robert Lanigan

about 8 hours ago

I would like to be able to access employment opportunitiesin the USA without any potential employers negatively reviewing my applicationdue to complicated visa terms.


gus fitzpatrick

7 days ago

think it is a wonderful idea. at 72 it won’t be applicablebut my childre4n and grand children might. well done


Sarah Byrne

10 days ago

Like every Irish person in Ireland it is hard to find a goodjob or any job come to that matter. At the moment I very proud to be Irish, butour country and our government and economy are making things too difficult forpeople to live here. Unfortunately, like everyone else I am seriouslyconsidering having to move broad. For to get a job in my chosen career, I willprobably have to move abroad to obtain this.


Gerry Dumigan

20 days ago

The Irish have done so much for this country and the newgeneration of Irish would do alot more given the chance


Michele McCarthy

10 days ago

Irish currently in NY on a 19mth work visa and would like tohave the opportunity to stay longer if possible.


Suzanne Kenny

3 days ago

So that more Irish people can legally work in the USA.


Colin Forde

11 days ago

The reason I am signing is because I have relatives who areIrish American and for all Irish who helped develop the U.S. into a country andan opportunity to live and work in the U.S.


Jarlath Rice

3 days ago

We need to find ways to recognise & support the two waycontribution of our cultures to each other…


Gary O’Connor

10 days ago

As the son of an Irish immigrant, I know of the contributionhe and millions of other Irish immigrants made to this country.The Irish have along and special relationship with America. They have shaped this nation asmuch as any other immigrant group. Today’s Irish immigrants are educated, speakEnglish and are more than willing to embrace the values that have made Americagreat. As this country faces many difficult internal and external challenges,it would be well served by accepting as many Irish men and women as possible.


Lisa Odwyer

11 days ago

I want the opportunity to work hard and have a betterquality of life for me and my family.


Christine Friedrich

8 days ago

I believe in legal immigration and the Irish are welleducated and can bring needed skills to the USA….nurses, as an example.


Ciaran Curran

10 days ago

American citizens are treated like family here in Irelandand can work here where ever and whenever they like….. This should bericiprocated in the USA


Barbara Brennan

14 days ago

I want to see my family come home again


Danielle Kerins

11 days ago

There are internal and external benefits. The Irish areamongst the most integrated and affluent members of 21st century Americansociety. Because we have the means to support ourselves financially, wecontribute to the growth of the American economy.

Flocking groups of young graduates – if utilized – may beripe candidates to help strengthen trade links between the United States andEurope.


Terry Counts

12 days ago

I am signing this because we need to help THEM, not themuslims who are coming over like ants to take over…the IRISH PEOPLE DESERVETHIS!! I hope that dummy in the white house will pass it…


Enda O’Connor

10 days ago

I am another in a long line of highly educated Irish peoplein their twenties just looking for an opportunity to create a life forourselves


robert foley

10 days ago

The Irish technology professionals are very well educatedand could add significantly to our global competitiveness, and, with virtuallyno language barrier, they can infuse our technology workforce with the kind ofenergy and skill required at a time when other technologically advancecountries are scouring the globe for talent. Finally, bringing skilledprofessionals here keeps jobs here.


Oisin Costello

10 days ago

Circumstances are challenging in Ireland in recent years,people who have a good education or perhaps good work record could contributewell to the US economy while helping their own immediate situation. Oisin,


Stephen Heatherington

10 days ago

Hoping for work opportunity to further my career


Perry King

7 days ago

If we can support all the lazy buggars that are here now, wecan give a hand up to the hard working Irish people.


Hilarity for Charity:

For those of you looking for employment, remember that byattending events such as those below and those listed on the failte32.org website, it canincrease your chances of finding employment by meeting Irish and IrishAmericans who may be or may know decision makers in their organizations.

Former Executive Director of the New York Irish Center (www.newyorkirishcenter.org)Liz Kenny is fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society (Shave or Dye) next Sat7/28 at the Cuckoo’s Nest in Woodside. See below and attached for moreinformation.

Hey everyone, my name is John Paul Barry, Co. Kerry/NY. MyDad passed away October 2011 from Prostate Cancer at the young age of 64 years.This is too young and earlier screening could have prevented his last fewagonizing months. I decided to do something to raise money to find a Cure, and have been growingmy hair and beard for the last 10 months in order to raise money for The IrishCancer Society. Fourteen of my friends have volunteered to take part in thischarity event [Shave or Dye ] sponsored by Today FM radio station in Ireland. Our event will be held in the Cuckoos Nest on Woodside Avenue and 61st Street,Woodside, Queens., on Saturday, July 28th. Some people will be dyeing their hair, others shaving heads and beards, and thereal (boys) waxing legs or backs!! There will be raffle prizes and jello shotsand lots of laughs! We need your support and donations. Many of you have family members or friendswalking around and don’t even know they have this deadly disease. Please helpus raise money for research for a Cure, and also to ensure more and earlierscreening.

We have set up a Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/cuckoos.shaveordye The link to make a donation is:

mycharity.ie/event/NYC We also have donation cards which will be passed around on the night. Pleaseremember your families at home and give as generously as you can.

Thank you for your time and attention, and your support!

Elizabeth M. [email protected]:917-841-4823


From Cathy Hogan, First Vice President of the United IrishCounties Association of New York (www.uicany.org)

LincolnCenter Out of Doors


OurLand:Celebrating Irish Culture in America!

TheMusic, The Bards, The Magic!

Sunday29 July 2012

2pm to10pm

A day of Irish Music,Poetry, Literature, Theatre, Dance andmore!

ArtisticDirector Joe Hurley

Sponsoredby SofTrek Corporation

Presentedin association with the Consulate General ofIreland


10 Lincoln CenterPlaza, New York, N.Y. 10023

Between 62nd and 65thStreets and Columbus and AmsterdamAvenues





Gathering The Bards: From Galway to Rockaway

Hearst Plaza


The Auld Triangle – “Nothing but my Genius”

Josie Robertson Plaza


A Parting Glass: Celebrating Alan Lomax’s Work

Damrosch Park Bandshell


Joe Hurley and The Gents

Damrosch Park Bandshell


Grand Finale: Joe Hurley’s All-Star Irish Rock Revue!

Damrosch Park Bandshell

***Notice! JUST ADDED! Performance from the cast of ONCE,winner of 8 2012 Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL!***

For more information: http://celticmusicfan.com/2012/07/08/lincoln-center-lights-up-this-2012or www.lcoutofdoors.org


Kind regards

Failte 32 Committee

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