Hi everyone
We have now launched the Shamrock Fund SM to support longer-term J-1 visa holders who may be finding it difficult finding employment in the U.S., which is totally understandable in the current economic environment. The Fund will subsidize (or fully pay) the membership of IWT J-1 visa holders to influential Irish American business and cultural organizations in the U.S. Generally speaking, criteria for eligibility will depend on how long one has been seeking employment in the U.S., and a commitment from them to make full use of their membership by attending all of the organization’s events, and proactively networking and volunteering for committees.

We thank those of you who have contributed to establishing this Fund which will have ZERO administrative costs i.e. the Fund will have no paid employees, hence all of your hard earned donations will be fully allocated to supporting those in need. However, at least initially, donations will not be solicited from the general population (inc. those of you on this mailing list) as we believe everyone has enough on their plates as it is, rather donations will be accepted on a discretionary basis from potential funders that we have relationships with. Overtime, we plan to expand the purpose of the Fund to include supporting other worthy causes, while always keeping administrative costs at zero.

We have to make sure that we support our next generation of business leaders by ensuring that our graduates gain valuable experience here in the U.S. which they can then bring back to Ireland to help put it back on track again as one of the most successful economies in Europe. We would like to sincerely thank the following business organizations in New York for supporting Failte 32 and the Shamorck Fund by offering us a special membership rate:

Irish Business Organization – www.IBO-NY.com
Irish International Business Network – www.IIBN.com,
Irish Network-NYC – www.IrishNetwork-NYC.com,
Irish Technology Leadership Group – www.ITLG.org,

By reducing the membership rate we pay, the above organizations, aside from the great networking for employment opportunities they provide, can help us serve more eligible candidates, and possibly pay their annual dues to more than one business or cultural organization.

Applications are currently being accepted from IWT J-1 visa holders in the New York area with Science, Engineering, Arts/History and Law qualifications. We are now asking all of you, particulalry J-1 sponsors and support organizations, to spread the word. Please have them submit their request via the contact section on www.failte32.org, and indicate how long they have been seeking employment in the U.S., their field of study, and how they plan to utilize their membership. We will match suitable candidates with well established organizations in New York, such as those above, that can put them in front of potential employers.

We will begin reviewing applications this month, and will start placing eligible candidates in appropriate organizations towards the end of September.

As the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), Mr. Enda Kenny, T.D., was recently quoted as saying in a speech he made at a Galway Chamber business luncheon back in Ireland “We all need to pull together, we have a lot to offer and a lot going for ourselves”.

Kind regards
Failte 32 Committee

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