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Congratulations, Oriel Lawton was the 500th person to signour petition: United States Congress: Pass the IRE Irish Immigration Bill.

However, we will need a lot more signatures if we are to besuccessful in getting Congress to pass the IRE Immigration Bill. Please forwardour email to people you know, asking them to support this bill. We need to getthis petition out to as many people as possible including friends, family, organizations,media etc. Everything takes time, but there is urgency behind this bill as itis a temporary measure that will afford Irish nationals both skilled andunskilled, with the much needed opportunity to live and work legally in theUnited States, and then after a few years return home to a brighter future.

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See feedback why people are signing the IRE Immigration Billpetition below. The comment by Mike O’Sheaencapsulates what the IRE Irish Immigration Bill is all about.



Whiz kids call the shots in New York’s tech talent chase -Read article below (source: New YorkDaily News)

Extract from article:

Having opened major outposts in the city, big guns likeGoogle and Facebook are scooping up job candidates, forcing smaller rivals tocough up heftier salaries and perks. Stringent immigration laws limit their abilityto broaden their search globally.

“I get so frustrated. I hear people say the job marketis bad,” said Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO of Blue Fountain Media, a web designand digital marketing company in Manhattan.

“I say, ‘Really? I have the opposite problem.'”

The city’s tech sector employed 120,000 as of 2010, up 30%from 2005, according the New York City Economic Development Corporation(NYCEDC).

For now, the talent chase is on. Most in demand: engineerswho specialize in mobile technology, a hot growth sector.

Starting salaries for web developers, even those withoutcollege degrees, are around $65,000. More senior techies are commanding northof $100,000.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/money/job-squeeze-demand-tech-whiz-kids-reaching-a-fever-pitch-article-1.1128398#ixzz22zv81L30



The following job was very kindly referred to us by OrlaKelleher, Executive Director Aisling Irish Community Center (www.aislingcenter.org)

Students with valid 1 year visas is best, can be male orfemale.

We are in the business of corporate travel.

Ideally if any students had completed any tourism or marketingcourses it may be geared more towards them, however that criteria not essentialby any means.

The position is really more of a personal assistant, we havea few agents here who work together on a team, we need someone who can assistwith clerical, travel agenda, however the same person would also help withcorporate mailings, banking, taxation, getting lunch, breakfast etc.

An in the office person and open to being out and about alsoif any errands or such is needed.

My direct line at work – 212-944-4878

Cell # 917-847-5677


Thanks so much for your assistance with this.



Siobhan Brennan

Tzell Travel Group

119 West 40th Street

Floor 15

New York NY 10018

212 944 2121 x2273

212 944 3933 fax

[email protected]


Failte 32 inquiries/feedback:

Message: My name is Michelle, I am an Irish citizen, living and working in Ireland currently. I really do hope you read my email right down to the very end, please, I would be ever so grateful!

Unlike thousands of unfortunate Irish, I have a job, and avery good one, I am currently running a successful business in an affluent area of Dublin, by running, I mean I have complete control over all aspects of the business, from day to day runnings, marketing, recruitment etc. I am not however, financially involved in the business. I would describe myself as a hands on Manager, the owners, have great trust and belief in me to treat this business as my own. It was opened in 2008, and has since gone from strength to strength, with plenty of hard work and dedication. I completed a Beauty Therapy Diploma in the year 2007-2008 and after being successful in gaining a Junior position I worked for one year hands on, to which I was then promoted to Manager, everything I have learned has been on the job, shadowing my former boss, reading constantly and I think it is fair to say that I really do have a go get it attitude that allows me to achieve the challenges that are facing business in Ireland today. I apply myself to my position with passion and integrity, and enjoy working painfully hard to reap the rewards. I currently have a team of four girls, I love developing my team and having them understand that not one of them work for me, but with me. I do know that these are challenging and difficult times, but what has not changed is that there are still consumers out there, and consumers do still have money, however they may have less, but they still have it. We are in an Ireland whereby, these consumers want the whole package, which in my opinion they should have been getting all along, Pre Celtic Tiger, Mid Celtic Tiger and Post, and to me the whole package is; exceptional customer service from start to finish, an exceptional service/product, and value for money. The business I am involved in is a both Service based and also Product/Retail based. Both of which, when sold correctly, accurately and strategically will contribute to a steady flow of revenue, and as long as you keep to the forefront of the market, persevere and keep consistent this will eventually lead to profits. Of course given that you apply the same concepts for you yourself and your expenses.

I have seen my local town in the midlands, fall victim tothe effects of the ‘recession’ A word that I have practically banned from my vocabulary, I am ridiculously blase by saying I think when it reaches down to ground level and the people of Ireland, I think it is a state of mind, and sometimes an excuse. And as a quote that I recently read ‘ Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure’ Saying that, my heart extends to families who are struggling to repay mortgages, and people losing their jobs etc. I have first hand experience myself as I see my own Mother, has recently lost her job. But life must go on, we have to pick ourselves up, we will not achieve anything by sitting at home dwelling. I have worked hard to get relatively sustainable wages to be able to pay my bills, treat my parents and live day to day. I know for sure I have less money than I had one year ago, but I have an awareness and I know that I may have less, but I am not in debt. Which to me, from seeing my Mum and Dad over the years is one of my greatest aims in life. I live self sufficiently and independently. I am a girl who will never rely on anybody to stroke my ego or rub my back, and for sure, feed me financially.

Which leads me onto why I am emailing, I am not your typicalIrish 23 year old girl, I do not want to hop, skip and jump to Australia, just like how I didn’t want to be a Primary School Teacher ‘for the holiday and short days’ when half of my leaving cert class in secondary school were headed for St Pats in Drumcondra. I feel at the moment in Ireland, I have reached my peak in my current position, I do feel like I am working with the best in my industry. I know that my employers want me to grow and take on new challenges, I know they are supportive and have always had my back. But I feel I want a new challenge, I want to take on something completely afar from my comfort zone. I have always had a dream to live in New York, as the song goes ‘Always Wear Sunscreen’ goes. I see New York as somewhere where I can accomplish great things. I want to ‘make’ it. I look up to Irish businessmen like John Fitzpatrick, Denis Kelleher and plenty of other Irish men and women who run successful businesses in not only New York but the whole of America. I also look up to my own family, my uncle and aunt separately moved to New Jersey and Virgina respectively almost 24 years ago, and both have set up wonderful lives for themselves, they both have perceived to achieve excellent jobs and have wonderful families, and both are highly respected in their communities. I believe that if given the opportunity I can grow, develop and be an asset to those willing to give me a chance. I have, for years, been doing research into the various visas etc, available to Irish citizens. I still seem to lead to the same dead end. Like mentioned above, I really don’t have any University degree, I have my Leaving Certificate, and I have a Diploma course in Beauty, albeit with International qualifications, I don’t think it has any benefit to me.

I have booked slightly over a week trip to New York for October, actually, I was hoping to make some contacts, and present myself in the flesh. But I would greatly greatly appreciate any assistance/advice/help that you could perhaps offer to me as to whether I have any options in regards to working visas in the months ahead and even for 2013.

I know I don’t have a degree/masters/PHD, but what I do haveis common sense, a desperately strong work ethic, I don’t know if you can even understand how much I would appreciate it, but I promise you, you would be making this girl very happy!

I am pretty sure, in these current times, you receivehundreds of emails every day. But I am for sure, someone who is worth the effort. Can I just share with you a little quote by Howard Schultz that I really believe in ;

‘I believe life is a series of near misses, a lot of what weascribe to luck is not luck at all. It’s seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future. It is seeing what other people don’t see. And pursuing that vision’

If you made it this far, I thank you sincerely for reading my email. I really do hope to hear from you.

Warmest Regards,



From Sheila Lynott, President Irish Business Organization (www.ibo-ny.com). If you are on a one year J-1 visa, these types of events are great opportunities to network for jobs. The Irish and Irish American community will get behind you and help you any way they can.

We have 50 free tickets for this cruise – don’t have to be amember – only thing is cash only onboard…

Brazilian Cruise: Wed., August 15: Boarding – 6:30pm,Sailing until 10pm

Performance by 2 Samba dancers – Fun Brazilian music &Top 40 dance hits. To order tickets go to http://irishbusiness815.eventbrite.com/

PLEASE NOTE for All Aboard Cruises: Photo ID required andguests must be 21 and over

Cash Bar & Cash Buffet, Buffet is $10 per plate—nodinner reservations needed.

NO credit cards. CASH ONLY on board. Aboard All Cruises board at Pier #40, West Houston Street & West Side Hwy


Below is feedback why people are signing the IRE Irish ImmigrationBill petition.

Why People Are Signing

Fred LaParo

2 days ago

Legal immigration makes this a stronger country – and myIrish brothers and sisters have mad skillz as well 😉

Heather ONeill

5 days ago

to have a better chance to give back

  Margaret Murphy

4 days ago

Because the undocumented Irish are contributing to theAmerican economy and would love to be paying taxes and healthcare. It is anunsettling situation to be living under the radar with the threat of prison ifcaught together with the fact that they are missing out on family occasions athome. I am writing as the mother of two such family members and it isheartbreaking. I go to the US once a year to visit and I am also boosting theeconomy.

  steff atkinson

10 days ago

because most of my mates are irish and live in america, theymade ur country better


2 days ago

Its a good idea


5 days ago

To support those who are qualified & have experiencehave some dignity in having a job to go to which will allow them to get on withtheir life and avoid a sub standard life.


14 days ago

This country was built on immigration. If hard working Irishare willing to come here and bring their skills with them, I say let them come.

Mike O Shea

5 days ago

I woild love to move to a future in the USA for a few yearsand hopefully bring a business back to Ireland


Remember, to keep up to date with events/news in the Irish American community in NY for both you leisure and as part of your job networking efforts, visit https://www.failte32.org/latest-news/


Kind regards

Failte 32 Committee

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