Hi everyone
Just a quick Summer update:
We were delighted to hear that, since we announced a number of seasonal job openings in our last Failte 32 email/newsletter, Connor Doyle, Account Manager NYC Business Solutions www.nyc.gov/nycbusiness was able to help arrange, in a short space of time, 12 Summer jobs for Summer J1 visa holders.
We are very grateful to Conor for this amazing support for our newest arrivals.
Additionally, Conor mentioned that this can be an annual thing, where we can compile resumes in late May each year so that Summer J1’s can interview immediately when they arrive in early June. This supports Failte 32’s goal of creating a list of employers who will consistently hire Summer J1’s each year, and make it much easier for Summer J1’s to find a job when they arrive in the U.S.
Remember, Failte 32 is not a standalone organization per se, rather it facilitates a shared focus among a group of affiliated organizations and strategic partners to help our newest arrivals find employment in this great City and Country, and part of our purpose is to pass along to all our affiliated organizations (and everyone on this mailing list) information we pick up from our sources such as employer contacts, tips, and other information useful in one’s job search, in the hope that you will as part of your job support efforts pass it along through your own mailing lists, hence maximizing its distribution. Thank you to Pat Carroll (www.touchcommunications.ie) for tweeting all our newsletters to his international network. The more people who know, the better! We’re already receiving inquiries from other countries including Korea and Africa, so word is getting out there about Failte 32 and our affiliated organizations and strategic partners…..
Even better news, for those of you on longer-term visas, there may be longer-term job openings with New York City businesses that meet the requirements of your visas job eligibility criteria. The best thing to do is send your resume/CV to Conor who will forward it to the appropriate location. [email protected]  
It’s interesting to note that we met Conor at the Irish Network – NYC third Thursday event (www.irishnetwork-nyc.com), which was one of the many events held by our affiliated organizations in June that Summer J1 visa holders were invited to, to help them find jobs. Again this shows the importance of following the Failte 32 model by attending the events of our affiliated organizations which can get you in front of potential employers and decision makers in companies.
The American Irish Historical Society (www.aihs.org ) very kindly told us that we can list their internship & volunteer opportunities on our website (click on link below).
This is a great opportunity for those of you on either a Summer or longer-term J1 seeking experience in your field of study.
Sean Murphy of www.Murphguide.com very kindly sent us the following job announcement for those of you who might still be still looking for Summer work.
Came across this posting from Culture Club, a new ’80s themed nightclub opening soon on W. 39th St. in New York City.
They are hiring bartenders, waitstaff, door staff, DJs & bathroom attendants.
They are also hiring and assistant manager & book keeper.  Those positions require NYC experience.
Contact info:
[email protected]
Remember, the U.S. Open tennis championships begin in August. There will be a recruiting event on July 27th at the Queens Borough Hall, and July 28th at Flushing Town Hall from Noon-5pm (double check times in case of changes!)
This is a great way to earn some extra cash before you head back to Ireland, and get to see this great event and maybe even get to meet some celebrities.

Please see the next installment in our series of articles on family based visas by our immigration attorney, Caro Kinsella.
In our efforts to lobby for a broader portfolio of transient/exchange visas to provide ‘a work visa for all’, Failte 32 will be seeking more information on the U.S./Russian nonimmigrant visa described below, which was sourced by our immigration attorney Caro Kinsella, to see how it compares with the current portfolio of Irish transient/exchange visas, and explore the possibility of an Irish version.
Agreement between the United States of America and the Russian Federation
Regarding Visa Issuance
“Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister
Sergey Lavrov today announced an agreement on the issuance of nonimmigrant
business, tourist, private and humanitarian visas to the Russian
Federation, and for business and tourist visas to the United States, as
well as short-term official travel visas to both counties in keeping with
the joint statement issued during the meeting of President Obama and
President Medvedev in Deauville, France on May 26, 2011. This agreement
will facilitate travel between our two countries and establish stronger
ties between our people. The agreement benefits the largest segments of
our traveling Americans and Russians – business travelers and tourists,
traveling both as individuals and in groups, by granting as a rule, on a
reciprocal basis, multiple-entry visas valid for 36 months. The agreement
also streamlines the visa issuance process by reducing the documentation
required.” DOS, July 13, 2011.
FYI, the following article gives a useful insight into hiring prospects, by industry, in the U.S. job market.

Please note, for those of you on longer-term visas, that New York has great public libraries. Pay a visit to the Science, Industry and Business Library (www.nypl.org) on 34th Street which has a great Job Search Support Center that provided free databases, free coaching sessions for resume building, information on Industry employment trends, etc.
This can be another useful source to help you find employment, in addition to the great services provided by the Emerald Isle Immigration Center (www.eiic.org) and the Aisling Irish Community Center (www.aislingcenter.org). 

There’s a great play/event beginning this evening called ‘The Parting Glass by Dermot Bolger’. We will all (us immigrants!) be able to relate to this play in some way, and it will be a great way to meet other people (and maybe employers!).
On a magical night in Dublin airport.  Eoin waits with a head full of memories. The hopes and dreams of an Irish emigrant trying to make sense of his journey home.
Dermot Bolger’s The Parting Glass is an hilarious, uplifting and life affirming show set on the night that Thierry Henry’s left hand dashed Ireland’s World Cup dreams. It is about the return of a man to the land of his youth, to witness the Celtic Tiger turn to ashes, to say goodbye to his past and find hope in his future.
As a friend of Fáilte32, you will receive $15 OFF each ticket to see this hit show. That’s a $35 ticket for just $20!


Remember to send us your classified job add, especially those of you on longer-term visas, which we will place free of charge in the Irish Examiner USA classifieds, America’s leading Irish newspaper, compliments of it’s founder, the one and only Paddy McCarthy.
Kind regards
Failte 32 Committee

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